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Scientific Tuesdays – Ketchup Buckshot – Science Prank

My brother is visiting for what he thinks is a cameo in one of my videos and a sight-seeing tour. Little does he knows he is going to be on the short end of the stick and the only sight he will see is a ketchup jet-stream. Baking soda and ketchup create quite a blast if used in the proper form. For this example, I will pour ketchup into an empty shampoo bottle and then add some baking soda. Follow me on Twitter here: Check out BustedTees here: Use code “SCITUES” for 10% off anything you order!

Indiana Jay (A movie for science)

a movie for science about reducing co2 emissions, aka fighting the co2 monster. its for school, so ya its stupid. dont be too harsh

Richard calls Science Public Access Show

Richard Christy calls a public access show and
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Do Not Open Bottle – Cool Science Prank

Check out this and other cool science experiments at It’s the ultimate prank using the simplest of props… a plastic soda bottle filled with water. Even though the words, “DO NOT OPEN” are printed on the bottle, people just can’t resist the temptation. Watch out, the fun is just beginning.

Brian Badonde does Science

Brian Badonde begins his voyage at the Science Museum where Brian marvels at the world’s first ever search engine. For more Brian Badonde videos on YouTube click here: To find out more about Bing visit:
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My Current Events Project ” Political Science ” Bluestone Highschool

It was good lol.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Earth Changes & New Science Part 2

PLAYLIST: Earth Changes & New Science – Stan Deyo, Holly Drennan Deyo Physicist and author Stan Deyo discussed such topics as earthquake swarms, Planet X, solar flares, UFO technology, and biblical prophecy. A comet or other body with an egg-shaped orbit might account for a ‘Planet X’ that cyclically approaches Earth, he said, adding that something is perturbing the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. Holly Deyo joined the conversation, and gave statistics about quake swarms in Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, and Baja, Mexico, as well as Saudi Arabia, where some 30000 aftershocks have taken place in a volcanically active area. Stan Deyo reported that the Hopi are preparing for extreme solar activity that will burn grass and trees, by building underground facilities. Solar flares will cause major disruptions including severe weather and food shortages, he suggested. Regarding UFO designs, he described how small craft can be linked together to form a triangular section, and then a fake skin can be drawn over them to create the illusion of a gigantic mile-wide spaceship. Deyo shared his belief that the New World Order is stepping up its plans, and that after America’s infrastructure fails, the country will be attacked by a Russian/Chinese invasion. He also predicted that Damascus, Syria will be wiped out in the near future, triggering a global war. Citing biblical prophecy, he further warned that a great deception will fool people into accepting an alien god, in tandem with the
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Music video from EVOLUTION album by Julian Ray. http
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A Solar Flare reaching M3.7 peaked at 03:35 UTC Saturday morning around Sunspot 1339 and was long in duration. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are known to result from these type of flares. So far it does not look like a large CME was produced, but more images are needed.

Science – Michio Kaku on Mercury, Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Interactions – BBC News America

Michio Kaku on Mercury, Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Interactions – BBC News America, recorded 18 & 19.02.2011 Michio Kaku on Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Interaction – Solar Flares & Auroras – BBC News America, recorded 17 & 18.02.2011 Great insigt into a new field of science. How does the sun affect our environment? What about Pole-Shifts? And where is our Earth Magnetic Shierld? We begin our journey on a survey of Mercury and prospect the idea of exploring Pluto. But Michio Kaku puts the picture together for us, in a BBC special… See more at .
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Psychiatry is a science, xemutv

Those who practice psychiatry are different than most other mental health professionals and physicians in that they must be familiar with both the social and biological sciences. The discipline is interested in the operations of different organs and body systems as classified by the patient’s subjective experiences and the objective physiology of the patient. Psychiatry exists to treat mental disorders which are conventionally divided into three very general categories; mental illness, severe learning disability, and personality disorder. While the focus of psychiatry has changed little throughout time, the diagnostic and treatment processes have evolved dramatically and continue to do so. Since the late 20th century, the field of psychiatry has continued to become more biological and less conceptually isolated from the field of medicine. Starting in the 5th century BC, mental disorders, especially those with psychotic traits, were considered supernatural in origin. This view existed throughout ancient Greece and Rome. Early manuals written about mental disorders were created by the Greeks. In 4th century BC, Hippocrates theorized that physiological abnormalities may be the root of mental disorders. Religious leaders and others returned to using early versions of exorcisms to treat mental disorders which often utilized cruel, harsh, and other barbarous methods. Do we need to go back to this? I don’t think so. Not a good idea go poking around someone’s grey matter or

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