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Monstrous Solar Flares Trouble Scientists

Monstrous Solar Flares Trouble Scientists The sun is waking up in a huge way. The most recent record of the solar activity was reported on December 16, 2009 at the rate of C5.3. At about 13:30 oclock the Sun emitted the largest portion of power in the history of observations. Astronomers assigned the rate of M2.3 to the flare in accordance with GOES (Geostationary Operation Environmental Satellites). It was the first M-flare of the new cycle which set a new record of activity This one flare is expected to cause interesting space weather this whole month. NASA astro-physicist Michio Kaku has issued many warnings about this expected increase in solar flare activity. That activity is obviously starting now. Movies such as Knowing and 2012 were soley based off of the idea of increased solar activity. Even the The Discovery channel has made documentaries warning of increased solar activity during 2011-12 This is happening right now though this is the beginning of a very active cycle. Who knows exactly what is to come for sure but it’s best that we all secure the ties that bind while we still have a chance.
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Mp3 Guests: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Matthew Stein Mind Power & Change: Combining the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, and genetics, Dr. Joe Dispenza discussed how to create change and a new reality for oneself on Tuesday’s show. By the time a person has reached the age of 35, “we’ve memorized a set of behaviors, emotional reactions, and thought patterns” that have become 95% of our identity…”then, the greatest habit we have to break is the habit of being ourselves,” he commented. By repeating the same routines day after day, “we begin to hard wire our brain into very specific patterns that reflect our external world,” so to effect change we have to think beyond the environment and conditions in our life, he continued. Dispenza spoke about “demystifying the mystical,” and using meditation to become aware of how thoughts and emotions are functioning– how a person can see past their mental programming, and identify as the consciousness observing the program. “Meditation, then, is the unlearning process– it’s to become aware of the old self, the aspects of our selves we want to change by going into the operating system of those subconscious programs and bringing them into our conscious awareness so that we have dominion over them,” he explained. Through meditation, we can slow brain wave patterns down, and move into greater coherence, so that one isn’t knocked out of balance by external and emotional factors, Dispenza detailed. He also talked
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Kid Scientists Late Show With David Letterman 2009 May14

KID SCIENTISTS: It’s the kids from Naperville, Illinois here to demonstrate the latest scientific principles they’ve learned.

Kid Scientists on the Late Show with David Letterman!

Me and my Napervillian cohorts on the Late Show doing science experiments, back in 1998. The good old days.
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Quantum Awakening – Have Scientists Found God? CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. LISTEN LIVE! Streaming ONLINE “Freedom Fridays” with Carl Gallups 1330 WEBY AM – Northwest Florida’s Talk Radio – HOME WEBSITE From Ichthus Films. This film first presents a brief and simple understanding of Quantum Mechanics. Then from the truths we learn there – we apply those truths to what the Bible says about God and His relationship to us. It seems as though Science may have finally “found” God! ENJOY
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GIANT OCEAN VORTEX whirlpools puzzle scientists 12.04.2011


Operation Paperclip, Nazi Scientists that formed NASA

“Exilherating Performance” says the NY times
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NME Video: We Are Scientists track by track

Hear the bizarre truth about what the new Scientists album, ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ is actually all about… For more interviews visit

(UFO) Scientists can’t identify object in space March ??, 2010 (More lies from Michio KAKA!!!)

Very busy time we are in now!!!!! I LOVE IT HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!

Mind Control part 1 Monarch pt 10A MK Ultra Mad Scientists (repost) / Blue Beamers created this video. Thanks marsboy683 … let me know if you want me to take this down Apocalypse, Armageddon, 2012, Nazi, NASA, Nephilim, Blue Beam, Fake rapture, stimulus bill, NWO, rapture, chemtrails, HAARP, HAARP, Technology, New World Order, Fallen Angels, Giants, One World Government, Subliminal, UFO, Phenomena, Phenomenon, Ghosts, Spectres, Demons, Fallen Angels, New Age, New Age Movement, Zeitgeist, Programming, Telepathy, Conspiracy Theory, ESP, Extrasensory Perception, Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, Mind Control, Subliminal Messages, Subliminal Programming, Truth Movement, Ghostbusters, Conspiracy, Independence Day, May Day, Steven Spielberg, Star Wars, Tom Cruise, Tavistock, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Reptilians, Aliens, Alien Invasion, My Teacher is an Alien, Annunaki, European Bankers, The City, 300, CFR, The Bilderburg Group The Faculty, War of the Worlds, Fake Alien Invasion, UFO, Alien, Scientology, Abduction, Hope, Change, Dollar Deflation, Hope, Change, Hope and Change, Stock Market, North American Union, Black Projects, Black Black OPS, Psy-ops, Chemtrails, Chuck Norris, Cabal, Team America World Police, Kelly Blue Book Value, Arec Baldwin, Pyramids of Egypt, Star gate, Stargate sg-1, stargate Atlantis, Alex Jones, Mission to Mars, Total Recall, Jason Bourne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Psyops, The Vatican, psychological operations, Star Trek, Enterprise, Harry Potter, ET, MK Ultra, Conspiracy Theory, JFK, Blue Beam Project, Project Blue Beam

Scientists: Atom-smasher Won’t Bring Armageddon

TechnologyScientists: Atom-smasher Won’t Bring ArmageddonScientists: Atom-smasher Won’t Bring ArmageddonThe Associated PressThe most powerful atom-smasher ever built could make some bizarre discoveries after it is switched on in August. But some critics fear the Large Hadron Collider could exceed physicists’ wildest conjectures. (June 28)[Notes:Dateline: MEYRIN, Switzerland] It’s being called the largest scientific experiment in history …And some say one that **could** cause Armageddon.This five-point-eight billion-dollar machine is designed to break up atoms …It’s called the Large Hadron Collider or LHC … An underground tunnel 17 miles wide … Attached to several particle detectors the size of office buildings. Those detectors will look for signs of invisible dark matter … a so-far undiscovered particle smaller than the atom….one scientists believe gives matter mass.But critics say this mammoth machine **could** destroy the world.That’s because … By the end of the summer … the Collider is scheduled to generate energies seven times higher than any other machine in history. [Notes:SOUNDBITE Lyn Evans, LHC project leader, CERN: “I think, obviously, we have no concerns at all, there is a huge community of scientists who know what they are talking about and are sleeping quite soundly concerning the LHC. But nevertheless, this creates problems in the general public who are seriously concerned, and we have to answer to that.”]Concerns that these scientists don’t
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