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Whip Scorpion On Face

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Scorpion Prank

I set a live scorpion loose on Nikki in the bathroom. She has the greatest FREAKOUT I have ever seen, PO BOX address: Nikki and John PO box 127 Norco, CA 92860 Our Tshirt Store: Facebook Twitter: Johns Twitter @j_dahla Nikkis twitter @nikitabanana88 Nikki’s G+ : John’s Website:
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The Scorpion Eater

RC Scale Jeep Rubicon – Axial Scorpion AX10 parts with internal body mounts

I turned my Axial Scorpion AX10 into a more scale looking RC truck. A Jeep Rubicon. I made the chassis, internal body mounts, braces, & bumper mounts myself. Used all of the AX10 driveline parts. Droop shock setup until I make my mind up on which shocks to get. Performs & rides great like it is now.

Largest scorpion in mouth

Includedin Guiness top 100 World records,Largest Scorpion held in mouth A real creepy one……….

Asian Guy Eats SCORPION | Atlantic City, NJ

**In this video, Ken eats a disgusting scorpion nested inside a lollipop. Like dinosaur-age insects caught in amber. And they try to pass that off as “candy.” Horrid. ———- **Look to the right for more DITLOs in the related videos section!** DITLO stands for Day In The Life Of… …me. And my friends (and family). I wanted to start doing a daily vlog, but I didn’t want them to be super long, so I decided to make them short and sweet, about 3 minutes each. I also knew I wouldn’t want to make one every day, so I guess it’s kind of like a…whatever-day-I-feel-like-making-it vlog. :) Subscribe to my main channel! Shirts Facebook Twitter MySpace
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Swallow a Scorpion!

Eating a Scorpion!
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Overnight at Sisaket Hospital, Thailand after Eating Scorpion

Somehow the poison from this scorpion affected me severely. I’m guessing it wasn’t the oil it was fried in. Because the symptoms I had mirrored scorpion bite symptoms – except for the pain. I wasn’t stung – I ate it. Now… did I have an ulcer in my stomach where the venom got inside my bloodstream? I don’t know. Did I have a cut in my mouth? I don’t know. I don’t think so. The scorpion makes venom in the mandible – jawbone. It then travels back to the tail tip where it’s stored. Was there some in the mandible that I ate? Was the scorpion just not cooked well enough? There were parts that were not – the claws for instance. Anyway – this is me – and I’m totally whacked out at the hospital. I hadn’t uploaded this video for a long time – it was taken on a very cheap nokia phone – 1MP? Sorry the quality is weak. Ha! I just watched the video for the first time in like 5 years. I originally thought it was the bugs. I had forgotten all about the scorpion. When I looked up symptoms of scorpion envenomation I had most of those symptoms. Anyway, be careful. My face is swollen in the video. I’m still a bit out of it mentally here. My breathing was back to about 85% OK by this point – about 4-5 hours after eating the scorpion.


just read the title

Roger Ver eating a scorpion in Vietnam!!!

I ate a real Scorpion in Vietnam This is the video. Here is the photo: It was gross.
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