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Worlds Biggest Shark Caught in Karachi Pakistan 7th Feb 2012

Worlds Biggest Shark Caught in Karachi Pakistan 7th Feb 2012 Uploaded by MrAsifamiraltaf on Feb 8, 2012 Hundreds of people gathered at a fish harbor in Pakistan’s city Karachi on Tuesday to see a 40-feet long dead fish, a sight uncommon in the country during the past many years. The giant whale shark washed ashore on Tuesday but according to media reports it was spotted unconscious 10 days ago some 150 kilometers away from the fishery. A video of Geo News about the dead giant fish is available here. According to this video some fishermen had gone out fishing on Tuesday and had found the dead fish and brought it to Karachi Fish Harbor. The dead whale shark was lifted off the water with the help of more than two cranes, after earlier attempts had failed. In July 2010 a 17-foot whale shark was found on the shores of Hawksbay in Karachi, but Tuesday’s fish was certainly more than double in size and weight. Later in the evening the Express Tribune newspaper reported that dead shark was sold at Rs 1.7 million (around 888). The report also reads: “Two cranes were called in to fish the dead whale shark out of the water, which was approximately40 to 50-feet long and six-feet wide. Both cranes failed to pull out the fish and were sent back as at least three more cranes were required to carry out the task.” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Got spare time FAIR USE NOTICE These Videos may

pool shark

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Shark Adventures 6 April Fools Day

Rex plays pranks on people.

Flying shark prank freaks out college dorm girls!

RC shark swims down the hall to scare the crap out of college girls! legit :) Air Swimmers remote control flying fish emerge from the world of awesome, see more at
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Pool Shark Puppy

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The shark with a variation

A random card is chosen. Cut back into the deck. A empty card case in shown to be completely empty. Then put aside. A indifferent card is shown. Not the selected card. Place inbetween to red 4’s suddenly the indifferent card has turned into the selection and the indifferent card has vanished!!!!! It reappeaes in the emtpy card case. Don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe. Thanks. =0) this trick was created by Christopher Ballinger. i added a variation of my own.

great white shark jammed in cage

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Funniest Great white shark prank shark great prank and the funniest prank idea known to man Please visit

Man Eaten By Shark! Caught on Tape!!

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!! Traditionally, April 1 has been celebrated as April Fools’ Day, with the earliest reference to this occasion dating back to the 15th century. It is a day for pranks and practical jokes, and for all those who get punkd’ this day….April Fools’!!!
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Whale Shark 02

Taken at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is a video of a whale shark, the world’s largest fish. The specimen shown is a juvenile, believe it or not. They actually grow much larger.
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