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Sharks Trapped By A School Of Fish | Unbelievable Could These Sharks n Fishes Really Put A Smile On Your Face? Have A Wonderful Laughing Day Today http

Leopard Sharks

Leopard sharks and other fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
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Discovery Channel Animals: Swimming With Sharks

Discovery Channel’s Swimming with (and surviving) Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. note: I do not own any of this material. Watch in HQ.

What’s Killing The Whale Sharks? (CBS News)

Norton, a 23-foot whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium, had to be euthanized. His death comes just months after another whale shark at the same facility also died. Mark Strassmann reports. (

Whale Sharks Vulnerable to Boat-Related Injuries

Whale sharks frequently filter feed along the ocean’s surface. This video — captured by Georgia Aquarium field researchers — reveals how whale sharks are vulnerable to boat-related injuries. Some of the whale shark individuals in this region off the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula had tattered dorsal fins, shredded skin and scars. Conservation efforts include having boat speed limitations in known whale shark feeding areas, such as this ‘afuera’ zone.

Georga Aquarium – Whale Sharks

Whale Shark Demo @ The Georgia Aquarium

Sharks aren’t so scary

Should the Kings be afraid of the Sharks? Chris Harold of the Monterey Bay Aquarium explains.
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A Survey From Above: Whale Sharks in Mexico

This is a sneak peak of an aerial survey Georgia Aquarium was part of in June 2010. You’re going to be jealous of the scientists when you see the hundreds of whale sharks they viewed from above and all the beautiful views of Cancun on their way back.
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Dana swims with whale sharks

We went to the Georgia Aquarium to swim and dive with the whale sharks. Fantastic experience being that close to that many large animals at once. Cross one off Dana’s bucket list! ….Andrzej

zebra sharks

zebra sharks at the behind the scenes tour at the Georgia Aquarium.
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