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Halloween scary prank. My friend’s mom shits herself. funny.

I scared my friends mom with this scary maze game, but something goes terribly wrong. She shits herself. Watch and laugh.

Meryl Streep near shits herself on LIVE TV! (Hilarious)

If you’ve seen a funny video on youtube, feel free to send it in to ! I’ll upload it and give you credit by linking your channel in the description of the video!
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Jake Shits Himself and goes as red as a Liverpool beech ball

he slowly opens the door & then Boo ! followed by poo !
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READ FIRST: The clip is about me joking around and playing a trick on my little sis and she shits her pants (NOT Literally). The mask i used is the best, it scares everyone. I done this just before halloween when she was coming back from a neibours house. And every one saying I am so mean IT WAS A JOKE. Which most people think was funny and I did say soz later I swear :P. Besides anyone that has brothers and/or sisters knows that they play a few pranks on eachother now and then. My lil sis was always going in my room and i needed some revenge. Besides i got punished worse then her. I got like a 30min lecture and was grounded for a few weeks. Its so hilarious. ENJOY!!!

ThreeKidzPranks – NetSpend – RIAN SHITS HIMSELF!

This was fucking great.
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Shits and go0ggles of youtubes youtube SHIT #3 random WTF vid compilation remixxxxxxxxx

Part of the Youtube Diarrhea Collection!!!!!!!!@@@@@221212123424545657 LIFE IS RANDOM Youtube Diarrhea #3 All the shit that you can(t) handle!!!!! Another collection of the “unique” people of youtubes! My ͪͭͣͤͩ THIS IS THE INTERNETS EVERYONE LIES! this video is “THE DIARRHEA OF THE YOUTUBES #3” —ùÅô▄└╝♠Ü┴Æ?A,ßL `╝á↑↔78?,r}à◄»çkfΦ░
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