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my friend shooting a bottle rocket out of his mouth

my idiot friend… this video is amzing tho
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Shooting Water baloons at a random guy LOL!!!

Bunch of guys shoot water baloons at random guy walking with his dog, ending in a finger! LOL
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look its a shooting star !

sittin on the curb in flushing, & decided to play some pranks on people. lols.


Tnt fireworks twinkling stars fireworks display in my backyard. firework explosions gone wrong firecracker blows up in hand tnt pranks goes bad gone wrong waking up the neighbors

Me and my friends were shooting Airsoft war game in Shafter Ca. Part 1

people in video is myself Ryan, Ricky, Ruben, Marcus, Rudy, and some others people I dont know. anyway… its was fun and I think this video made in 2004.

Shooting Giant smoke rings with Mighty Blaster

Inventor of the Zero Blaster and Mighty blaster shoots giant smoke rings (vapor rings). The rings are done with special effects non-toxic vapor not smoke. You can see more at:
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Just For Laughs Gone Wrong! Kid Dies (accidental shooting)

Just For Laughs gone terribly wrong! a kid died in a mailbox. if this is real, i think its really sad. but if its fake, i think its funny. Supposedly “Alex Randolph”, age 11, volunteered to be a prankster on Just For Laughs in Toronto. He was throwing mail out of the mailbox when some psycho came along & pulled out a pistol & started shooting Alex multiple times. i found those 2 pictures on the internet. idk if its a hoax though! I saw this clip of Just For Laughs on the Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.(from 2005) He mentioned this clip was a part of the lost tapes never published on the show. Craig’s studio audience was laughing at the guy with the gun. (lol it wasnt Just For Laughs’ laugh track)
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Funny Phone Prank Call, Man Calls Brothel LOL, (Title Sexy Monkey) From the album Shooting the Sh*t

Jai Bindi from the Original Nutters stable call a brothel and wants some action, the only catch is he want’s to bring his little spyder monkey bobo, Funny Funny Funny!! you can buy the 27 track album from
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Noel Edmonds Phone Calls – Haggis Shooting

This Australian guy gets a prank call from Edmonds as he is confused as to what a Haggis is. Recorded at BBC Radio 1 in the late 1970’s. Update: Darren Whackhead Simpson Played this clip on his show at 94.7 Highveld Stereo in Johannesberg this morning (9th Sept 10). You can hear the podcast here.
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Pea shooting range prank While on vacation in Mexico, a group of pranksters target some people with straws and peas. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.

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