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UFO Sighting Videotaped Over Japan Tsunami On March 11, 2011 Latest UFO News UFO 2011 Sightings Alien Pictures 2011 Solar Flares Disclosure Project Web Bot

Ginger Sighting!

We spotted a ginger! And he is very crazy! pulls out a knife on us!
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Prank – 2011 Real UFO Sighting Caught on Video Tape Ghost Alien

Google+ FaceBook While I was out jogging I noticed two sphere like objects flying near the buildings so I pulled out my pocket camera and started to film. Sorry the footage is shaky I was a little nervous when it came closer to me. You can see this video isn’t a fake UFO video as the UFO flies behind the building. . . . . . . . . Pranksters wanted! Do you like to prank people? Do you like to watch others being pranked? Go ahead and grab your camera and record your friends watching this video, or choose from a playlist of videos once you catch one of your friends on camera getting the wits scared out of them (because its funny), go ahead and post that video as a response to the video you pranked them with. I will then share with all my subscribers so everyone can have some epic lols. Subscribe to be apart of the fun Follow along on Facebook for behind the scenes updates might as well throw twitter in there too. click to tweet CLICK THE BUTTON TO READ MORE VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON —————————–Screamer Videos now has a Facebook Fan page, come join and scare the crap out of people be sure to catch their reactions on video! Then post it on YouTube as a video response. I will share all video responses! I was getting ready to go bike riding on the East bay bike path when I noticed what seemed to be a huge flock of birds, so I quickly grabbed my flip

Crazy Ghost Sighting Funny Prank! for REAL genuine funny pranks! Funny prank ghost sighting.
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Ghost Sighting in USA 2007

this is a real ghost sighting caught on film by a family being bothered by a spirit. this video has been verified and viewed by real ghost hunters. ghost sighting cctv camera dungeon creepy spirit dead death castle american idol bloopers prank recipe natural disaster saturday night live mad tv skit paula abdul lemony snicket stop motion animation director animals funny hilarious interview monty python pirates ninja family guy south park world of warcraft episode aqua teen bomb scare boston teenage hunger force adult swim robot chicken hilary clinton obama george bush comedy queen spoof lithium evanescence goth creep surprise tyra banks swimsuit controversy naruto parody scare tactics narruto secret

Real Life Ghost Sighting

Sighting of a real life ghost. Wanna give credit to the original maker of this vid, great idea!

NEW! Real Ghost Sighting! (Victoria Golf Club)

March 22nd, 2011 at Victoria Golf Club in Victoria BC Canada – I went ghost hunting in attempts to capture a photo of Doris Gravlin. She was murdered by her estranged husband on the grounds of the golf course in September, 1936. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for your support!
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UFO sighting #1

UFO sighting over Yuma, AZ on march 26th 2010 aprox midnight
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Last Video Of First UFO Sighting

I didn’t think this would be needed, but it seems I’m going to have to upload the last very short video of the balloon-shaped thing I saw after school.
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International Paranormal News: UFO Sighting Over Yorkshire UK Exclusive

Spotted on 29th April 2009 and sent in to IPN by Paul Sinclair of

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