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Block any site easily with a batch file. Fixing tutorial included.

Download my blocksite batch file here: Sorry for bad quality Will upload better one soon
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i found a site for you if you like prank your friend chek it out.wmv

you like to prank peapole and your friends look this awesome site i found subscribe and rate it comment your prank experience thx
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Block any site with a batch file. Repair tutorial included

Download the batch file from here:
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How to make an html prank site

How tom make an html prank site! :) lol youll like it!!! 😀
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building site prank

guy falls in hole
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Caylee Anthony Memorial site 5/09 and 6/09

Joy Wray, an Equisearch volunteer, visits Caylee’s grave site regularly. Joy’s daughter is George Anthony’s Godchild. These videos were taken in May and June of 2009 and submitted into Casey Anthony evidence for the case.
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My prank site and yes it’s a rick roll “virus site”

READ THIS FIRST ————————– NOTE:THIS IS MY SITE!! The sites better than what screen shots my hyper cam could get couse at the end i had too use screen shots heres the link prank your friends
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Crime Scene Pictures from the Site Where Remains Were Found – Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony

This video is a collection of crime scene photographs taken at the site where Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were found. If you think this might be disturbing to you then we recommend you don’t watch the video. To those of you who requested this video we hope it is what you were looking for. May Caylee rest in peace.
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Aerial Surveying at the World’s Largest Whale Shark Aggregation Site

I joined up with a team of Georgia Aquarium and Project Domino researchers to survey wild whale shark populations from a 4person Cessna airplane. My door was removed, and this video was filmed with an HD Flip cam from 1500 feet (first clip) and 500 feet (second clip). In this video, you can see ecotour boat operators and tourists swimming with dozens (if not hundreds) of whale sharks off the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Federal law regulates these whale shark excursions and rules are in place to minimize disruption of the whale sharks’ natural behaviors. Video Credit: Jodi Kendall/ Team: Georgia Aquarium and Project Domino Field Researchers
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Ammach Site Intro001

This is the start of Britain’s Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helplin, and the very first series of witnesses giving their evidenec to camera. Taped in Nottingham England, in May 2011, this 2 hour meeting is being offered in edited sections. The full edit is also available via megawatts1066
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