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Practical sleep over joke LOL

ok i think this is really funny

funny sleep prank

funny sleeping prank

no sleep till brooklin 95% 5 stars

no sleep till brooklin expert i hope some one reads some of my comments and stuff on my channel like im doing a contest. jere it is the 50th subscriber gets a prize! no joke and their Name will be anonced on the video that ill make ok hers the prizes i came up for now that u can choose from. more will be soon or give me ideas for prizes robot rage account with all super wepons (pack 1 and 2) rank++ 2.level 30 mech quest account not star caption but has over 3mil gold! and awsome mech 4.a ps2 game your chose 5. or a prize of your chose well please subscribe,rateand comment!:D

Webkinz Sleep Over.AVI

In this video, there will be some boyfriend follies, some TV stagefright, some gossip, some pranks calls, and much much more!

Don’t go to sleep pt 2

Scaring one of my cousins, apparently grabbing your pillow provides protection

Don’t Sleep in At Our House

I woke Nikki up with a bucket of water. It was a cold rainy day in CA so she was pretty mad about it. lol she couldn’t stop shivering after. She almost didn’t let me post it because she was pissed! , but then she gave in and said “Whatever, it’s funny” Become a fan on facebook Check out for videos, pictures, and more!
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Fake Sleep And Scare: Donald Larrys Lol

Nothing happens untill the last 25 seconds lol. I put pillows under the blanket. After five minutes John told Donald He hears me crying. Lol. But I’m hideing!! Lol.
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sleep time radio pranks edition vol 6

santos we interview him
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PRANK Sleep Time ( prank can’t sleep )

Dude get no sleep here..LMAO… and what make it so funny is his mom is the one who’s doing prank on him…LMAO,,,

Caught Sleep Talking!

New Public Trollin this Saturday! Instagram- (Makemebad3535) Over the past month, I kept a log in this phone app of me sleep talking. I’ve been told I talk in my sleep so I thought I’d give it a go. I had no idea I pretty much say something in my sleep every single night. So today, I release the mumbles, weird sounds, and everything else I say in my sleep! Yes, everything is 100% real. Video inspired by my friend Myles! I only intended to DL the app after watching his video and testing it. But after a week I knew I would have to make a video eventually! I’m sure some of you are going to want to see if you talk in your sleep. Just search “sleep talk” in the apps for your phone. My Main Channel: Facebook: Twitter:
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