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Zip Line in the Smoky Mountains

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Fuuny Smoky Ears Pranks

Very Funny Pranks in Shop See and LOL

Smoky Shroud

The smoky streamers make a shroud, where howls the banshee, long and loud. It goes like this: Smoky Shroud I sat and watched the leaping flames before me. The wind sent sparks and ashes whirling skyward. The dark blue of the hottest fires of Hades: The red and orange and yellow flames leapt upward, an orchestra of colors, how they blended, in harmony with leaves of those same colors, which graced the ground beneath the towering trees. The forest still wore costumes of the autumn, well painted with the palette of the season. The symphony of sound by the wind blowing, made brittle, rustling music in the darkness, which flowed like black molasses down the mountain: a dark, forbidding pool, of hells creation: a background for the ghosts, now come to haunt me. The fire, reflected from the under-belly of billowing smoke, a ghost with eyes of ember and laughter like the banshees in the windstorm: a harvest festival of deepest evil. The flood of black, that great primeval torrent, implacably shoved forth by some remembrance: some picture in my mind, demonic semblance. The shuffling sound of something just behind me, sent brimstone scents that soured the air around me, roiled red the haze that somehow ringed my refuge and bordered black, times shifting, smoky passage. The staring, shuttered eyes that now surrounded: the spiraled serpents, slithering from shadows: the spiraling streams of smoke that shaped my shroud.

The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift PS2 – Final Race (vs. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata)

the final race on my PS2 PAL Version. You are about to race a Nissan Skyline with 730 BHP. This guy wants to do a “grand tour”. If you can handle your car good, you won’t need more than 10 minutes to finish that ONE final race. There is actually no ending sequence in this game. You get only a message that you have won another car. There is also another drift race that you have to win for completing the career mode (except roll up racers).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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