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DARE US: Car Snapping String Prank

this is dare us vid number 2. check out our other dare us videos. and remember to comment or message dares u want us to preform. rate, comment, and subscribe
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snapping turtle roulette

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carnivorous chiton, snapping shrimp, monterey aquarium

monterey bay aquarium, carnivorous chiton, snapping shrimp, reef, tiny hunters ambush prey on the reef
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Removing a snapping turtle from car – part 2

Second part of getting a snapping turtle out of the car using a dustpan as a shield.

Bizarre Foods – Eating Alligator Snapping Turtle

Andrew Zimmeran eating an alligater snapping turtle. Please subscribe,comment, and thumbs up. Want to reach 500000 views.

big snapping turtle biting at the shovel

Brendan and Jordan captured a big snapping turtle in the creek

Snapping Turtle Attack Near Miss

TV reporter almost gets nose bit off by snapping turtle
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man catches a snapping turtle out of a creek by hand with no shoes on

Snapping Turtle Devours Remains of Monstrous Pike

On a canoe trip to Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, my brother Allan caught a monstrous three-foot pike which could not be revived after it was released. After it floated belly up in the water for about half an hour, it suddenly moved! An equally monstrous snapping turtle, which had blended in with the rocks, had just begun to devour the sharp-toothed fish.
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this is a very graphic video about the slaughter of baby seals participated by canada and norway. it only take 2 minutes to sign the petition so please do after you watch this video.
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Big snapping turtle in Algonquin (Nipissing River)

While on a trip in Algonquin Provincial Park (July 29, 2008 – August 6, 2008) we came across this chilled out turtle. Glad I found him out of the water with my camera rather than in the water with my toes!
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Big common snapping turtle.

Death from Below – Snapping Turtle Feeding

Baby Snappers chase after some crickets
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