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Longmont Potion Castle Volume IV – Darwinian Society

Requested by xowl14x, please enjoy and praise our Lord and Savior himself, LPC! If you like these uploads, subscribe for more videos that will be uploaded and feel free to request a call, I have all of them! Also, if you enjoy his material check out to buy CDs if you’d like! Description from Wikipedia: Longmont Potion Castle (born 1972 or 1973) is the pseudonym of an anonymous surrealist prank caller who has been active in the Colorado and Los Angeles areas since 1987. Details about his personal life are scarce and his real name is unknown to the public. Over the years, his mostly self-released albums have gained a cult following, notably amongst musicians. Biography: The LA Record describes Longmont Potion Castle’s albums as unlike those that most people associate with prank telephone calls, citing that his demeanor is nothing at all like that of The Jerky Boys and Crank Yankers and is actually closer to that of the alternative comedian Neil Hamburger. The magazine goes on to cite some of the topics discussed and parties dialed in the artist’s calls: “peacock bowel, owl bowel, peacock meat, squid meat, gorilla ointment, Nugent, Orange Julius, biblioduwangus, woven bread, moving rope and cords into another state, pleated clothing, the Epiphone Dolphin, pumpkin brew, GG Allin, UPS, and opportunities to engender a coalition with the Vatican.” In a review from the Denver Westword, LPC’s recordings are described as advancing “absurdity as an art

NED calls American Fisheries Society

Prank call

It is a terrible scourge for people to fear one another We must avoid a model of society based

ALTUĞ BERKER: For instance today Mehmet Ali Birand said “our life is conflict,” in his headline. “Even the smallest argument can end up in fighting. Fighting means good ratings for TV stations. Commentators who fight become famous. Leaders engage in arguments. Artists and sports people, all fight. The most aggressive person is the one everyone talks about” he said. Also Can Dündar from Milliyet daily wrote an article stating that this anger should be eliminated and he repeated the things you have previously mentioned. Just the same, Rauf Tamer from Hürriyet daily wrote that we should be talking about love and respect. ADNAN OKTAR: That is really amazing. It has been only two days that I have explained this. I explained this a week ago as well. But they have only just woken up. Once we press on the issue comprehensively, it appears that they have honestly felt a wound in their conscience, felt pangs of conscience and they begun dealing with this urgent matter. This is not something that can be taken up once and then covered up. It is a huge scourge. A great scourge on Turkey, a big trouble. People are afraid of one another. Everyone knows what people fear. Our people fear specific occupational groups, they fear specific things. We must strictly avoid a model of society based on fear and intimidation. It is a great violation of conscience to frighten people. Fear leads to hatred. People hate what they fear. I mean people feel grudge towards those they fear. An indescribable
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Ks Herpetological Society Field Day

See how a group of like-minded outdoors enthusiasts adds to the scientific knowledge of Kansas amphibians and reptiles.

society can’t handle truth which explains why Casey Anthony lies – wake up

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Mickey Cartoons — Society Dog Show (Feb 3, 1939) Mickey enters Pluto in a ritzy dog show where they are hopelessly outclassed and have little chance of winning until the building catches on fire and Pluto saves the day. Characters — Mickey Mouse Pluto Fifi Director — Bill Roberts Animation — Les Clark Seamus Culhane Al Eugster
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John Lear on The Extreme Society Show PT 1

Listen as The Extreme Society Show Welcomes guest John Lear, Listen today and for more info visit our site
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Farley’s Story – Adopt Him! Cochrane & Area Humane Society

Farley has been searching for his perfect home for a while. This great dog has received training while in the shelter and is smart, attentive and very fun. Visit for more information. Music: Friendly Day by Kevin MacLeod,
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[ VEIM #12 ] Society like a pack of dogs. ★★★ A Vlog Everyday in May #12 Smart people can read through the lines. Smart people also uderstand that sure NOT EVERYTHING in us works like it works for dogs. Otherwise we would be, you know, dogs. And no, this is not sexism. Again, I am talking about dogs. But why am I telling you this? As I said, smart people can read through the lines (; MY WEBSITE SHIRTS! TWITTER FACEBOOK: ______ shooter hates you shooterhatesyou blushooter vlog everyday in may veim cagliari sardinia casteddu sardegna vlogger italy english random stuff blabbering blabbers chat chatting alessandro masala society dogs sins envy lust gelosy alpha male female

Player – Solid State Society OST

Track name: Player Track Number: 1 Album: Solid State Society OST Vocals: Origa with Heartsdales Composer: Yoko Kanno Note(s): Opening song for the SSS movie Lyrics w/ Translation: Тихо плыли в звездной пыли Небесные прожектора Разбивает мои крылья Стальное лезвие ножа (Quietly swimming in the stardust The celestial searchlights Shattering my wings The steel blade of a knife) Сколько раз в атаке умирала И вновь воскресала Моя нетленная душа (How many times have I died in an attack And was once again reborn My imperishable soul) Опять без правил играю И на себя принимаю Огонь, огонь… (I play again without the rules And call upon myself The fire, the fire) И это все, что я знаю Я не ищу себе иную роль (And that is all I know I do not seek another role) Сегодня я просто плэер Я ни о чем не жалею (Today I am just a player I do not regret anything) Тихо плыли в звездной пыли Небесные прожектора (Quietly swimming in the stardust The celestial searchlights)

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