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Dirk Kennedy ~ Pre Release Single from his debut solo album

Pre-release single from Dirk Kennedy’s debut solo album coming out this spring. First single release Love for the Very First Time ~ Neil Peart, Rush, Queensryche, Peter Gabriel, Queen, George Michael, Drum Solo, Guitar Solo, Dirk, Kennedy, Hittman, Robbie Nevil, BMW, Olympics, Killer Whale, Lady Gaga, Most viewed, Orca, Seaworld, Hockey, Baseball, Football, USA, Canada, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorcycle, Music, American Idol, Adam Lambert, Simon Cowell, Madonna, Nip Slip, Accidental Nudity, Pranks, Jokes, Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons, Cartoons, Claymation, NAMM, Michael Jackson
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swords and sandals 3 solo part 2

the next movie in the series!!!
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Tareck’s Electric Guitar Lesson (Solo Copyight Added)

so this is something i made up the night i made this vid so its a little rough going cuz even im kinda learning how to do it a little more! COPYRIGHTS ADDED Guitar Lesson (Sounds Better On The Electric Guitar)
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lvl 85 ProtPala solo Onyxia 10 man

MANY WHELPS! HANDLE IT! After seeking Deathknights and Hunters solo Onyxia, I tried it myself as a Paladin. On the lvl 60 onyxia, melee could still hit her when directly beneath her. How annoyed I was to find out that doesnt apply anymore… In other words, the first and last phase were going to be a (long) stroll in the park. The challenge was to: A) keep up with the Onyxia Lair Guards spawning B) keep myself alive C) drop 1.2 million of Onyxias health in the process I also found out that tanking so many whelps is devastating for your shield, so I brought a reserve shield, since my main shield broke down halfway on a try before. Anyway, damage done to Onyxia comes from Avengers Shield, Judgement, Censure, Eye for an Eye, Holy Wrath and a few Exorcisms. My gear is full 359 tanking gear spec: Used Str food, 300 Str flask, Drums of Forgotten Kings and the lvl 80 Runescroll of Fortitude Music: Battlestar Galactica – Main Theme Immediate Music – Off to neverland Two Steps from Hell – Dragon Rider X-Ray Dog – Hammer of Justice Two Steps from Hell – Magica Jeckyll & Hyde – Freefall X-Ray Dog – The Chosen One Star Wars – Imperial March
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[UTAU] 1000 Year Solo (千年の独奏歌) [Makoto BEN]

Fiiiiinally I do something with Beniko’s genderbend xD This… is Ben! 8D -looks at picture- It may not be the best but… I’m kinda proud of it =) Regardless of all the mistakes ; ;…. *Ahem!* anyways! This is Makoto, Ben aka Beniko’s genderbended self. The song is 1000 year solo (as you may have notiiiced xD) I used 2 USTs for this song! Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint exact credit for both USTs, but I believe one of the USTs was made by Yoru 😀 Thaaanks!~ I guess I’ll leave a little bit of Info about ben ._, like any of ya care xD Song: 1000 Year Solo (KAITO sung it!) UST: 2 USTS, one i believe is Yoru’s UTAU: Makoto, Ben (Beniko’s genderbend, by meee!) NAME: Makoto, BEN Age: I see him as 17, but he is actually Beniko’s mirrored self… and Beniko doesn’t HAVE an age. Soooo yeah xD idk how it all works out but it does! Item: Hot Sauce, like Beniko. Hobbies: Bugging the hell out of AME, Mizu and being a trickster~ PERSONALITY: Ben is supposed to be the cool cat character, but tends to play pranks and tricks on people. He also has a secret “hobby”… -mwahahahaha!- Meeeh that’ll do for now xD

Solo Metal Productions – Mattys Gets Snake Bites

On todays subsciption by solo metal productons, we head to House Of Tribes, or as its known in banbury “Rogers”, where Matty goes to get his snake bits done although he is afraid of needles. Check it out veiwers

Jethro Tull – “No Lullaby” & Flute solo (live at Madison Square Garden 1978)

“No Lullaby” & Flute solo by Jethro Tull, from the DVD “Live At Madison Square Garden 1978”, released in 2009 by EMI. IMPORTANT NOTICE: That concert was not videotaped in it’s entire. At some parts of the DVD you can only listen the band playing, while watching a slide show. I uploaded only the parts where you can actually see the band playing. DVD TRACKLIST: 1-2. Opening & “Thick as a Brick” (2 videos) 3. “NO LULLABY” & FLUTE SOLO 4. “Songs from the Wood” & band intro 5. “Quatrain” & “Aqualung” 6. “Locomotive Breath” & “Dambusters March” You can see the original DVD Tracklist here:
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Ghost Riders In The Sky Vaughn Monroe BASIC Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Solo Chord Melody

Pop guitar lesson. Pop tune arranged for fingerstyle solo chord melody guitar presented in onscreen animated fretboard format. Get this FREE software (with TAB display, SLOW down and STEP through features) and many other more tunes at Online TABs, chord grids chart and audio are also available for all songs for FREE. Go get them!!
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Flea Bass Solo w/ Chad

Well a good technique video!

Blockbuster solo part (Jackson DK2M Red Ghost Flames)

My newest love Jackson DK2M Red Ghost Flames This is part of a solo called Our band Face Melters: Blockbuster Had to put the Cowboy hat on becouse of this Guitar:)))))))))))))))))))
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