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PPJT invisible rope car prank NEW 2012 COMING SOON

Stupid people in this world jackson tenney invisible rope car prank cars
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Pranksters- Coming to a computer screen near you soon

So, if you have any prank ideas please PM maddiepeanut…. with the title “Prank Idea”. We would love to hear your pranks! Also the 1st episode will be uploading soon. So stay tuned! Sorry I haven’t made a video in a while, and no copying this video! We worked way to hard to have someone copy it and our series! So no copycats! Love u guys! Thanks for OVER 100 subbies! -Maddie :)

Youtube Interactive Project – Coming soon to Youtube.

Logo trailer for our new project The Youtube Interactive Project is a new film idea which is making full use and taking advantage of the technology readily available to everyone. Ever wanted to watch a film and change some of the plot?? Now you can…… Youtube interactive project coming soon! We make the film, You chose the story! With many different plots going on, one beginning, many middles, different ends….. you chose the most dramatic for you….. Subscribe to our videos and add us on Facebook for updates of development, production and more news and updates. Coming soon.

New Drifting TV show coming soon!!!

Preview of a new extreme sports drifting TV show coming soon to TV. Driver challenges include extreme entry, street drift challenge, stunt driving challenge, clipping point challenge and munjee challenge. Its drifting meets Krusty Demons meets Jackass with plenty of thrills and spills as the drivers leave a trail of entertainment and carnage Stay tuned for more info

Muy Pronto-19-04-10-Coming Soon (CIRCUS FLEAS GANG PARTY)

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THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Coming Soon: Prankster Planet

Get a preview of Prankster Planet! Jessica and Marcus discover the pranksters are using Manny’s latest gadget — the Wordsuckeruppernator — to suck up all the words on earth, giving them total word domination. Now, they need your help to turn the gadget off and stop the Pranksters! Go to starting May 2nd to play! Find out when Electric Company is on in your town:

Honey Badger- Video coming Soon

Hes so nasty this bastard with smash theeto smitherines No withering, these kings are everlasting Just ask all these snakes and mice and larva that hes gnashing Birds standin by gasping just waitin for the scraps when his incisors stop flashin Doesn’t give a fuck or a rats ass but hes askin for seconds of the wreckage Snake bites bore him so hes nappin, loose skin elastic Hes so badass he running in slow motion, backwards Even guiness records say theyre the baddest bitches ever Most fearless, most realest, most toughest and most clever Think he wnot step to a house of bees and scoop up all they larva? Hell run into your house and leave your face and body carved up Prolly eat up everything hes always fuckin starving Hed eat up every apple and the rest of edens gardens The venom of a cobra only moments do it slow him down One whiff of your aroma and hes on it and its over now Shit hes done his digging he looks mean and he looks focused now, Don’t pray and never hope not even god could stroke this demon down
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Casey Anthony Sentencing July 7, 2011 – Receives jail time, but likely out soon

Update: A Florida judge on Thursday sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in jail for lying to police after her daughter disappeared, but she will be released from custody on July 17 after getting credit for time served and good behavior. Anthony, 25, will be let out of jail four days later than was previously announced after her release date was recalculated, court spokeswoman Karen Levey said. Court officials had earlier said Anthony would be released from jail on July 13, having received credit for the 1043 days she spent behind bars since her arrest. Anthony was acquitted on Tuesday of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008 but on Thursday received the toughest possible punishment for providing false information to law enforcement during the investigation. Each of the four misdemeanor counts Casey Anthony was convicted of carried a maximum of one year in jail. Judge Belvin Perry ordered the one-year terms to run consecutively, and also imposed a 00 fine for each count.

Not Anytime Soon by R. Voelker, Bodie Ghost Town Video

Real Town. Real Ghosts. Real Song. Rattlesnake Valley’s first Spaghetti Western, lol…..Not Anytime Soon written by member of songwriting duo Davis/Voelker at ‚ĄóRattlesnake Valley Publishing. Special thanks to YouTube contributors cullyvan for his Bodie, Genuine Goldrush Ghost Town video and to Dashboard Adventures Ltd. for their Bodie, CA, USA Video. Also special thanks for photographs to Lyrics Below Not Anytime Soon by R. Voelker ¬© Copyright Rattlesnake Valley Publishing He’d lost his swagger, misplaced his courage Wasn’t getting either back At least not anytime soon He’d lost everything but his future, and was doubtful of that Figured he can’t walk out of his past At least not anytime soon Lost everything but his dignity, Black thoughts on a dark day Sun wasn’t planning on shining At least not anytime soon Lost a head start out of town, when he decided to dismount No riding free into the future At least not anytime soon Not Anytime Soon Not Anytime Soon Soft shadows filled the room, Sweet smell of perfume Not Anytime soon Not Anytime Soon Not Anytime Soon An empty Saloon, Mister there ain’t no room Not Anytime soon What happened that day On that hot and dusty street Hell to Pay Hell to Lose Shots fired but not heard Only winners walk out Only one remount Hell to Lose I did find one truth in the noon sun The line in the sand between evil and good It ain’t coming back, least not anytime soon
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UFO Disclosure is coming soon

As UFO sightings increase, our world goverments get closer and closer to announce the existance of extraterrestrial life.
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