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Rickey Smiley – Sorry Mrs. Johnson Prank Phone Call

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I’m Sorry

The message of the video is that I’m sorry that these times are over. All videos remind me of moments that I thought / think extra much about! 0:00 a river called Ljusnan 0:04 me and siri at Larsersbäcken 0:09 maria at swing at Långnäs 0:20 me, maria and siri at the toilet in our old school 0:28 siri at a café talking to the camera while I sit behind it 0:32 maria at the train home from Stockholm 0:39 po at Långnäs 0:44 maria eating lollipop 0:45 siri at the train home from Stockholm (another day) 0:46 me dancing at a table in school 0:48 siri and I in Fågelsjö (Birdlake) making us look good when we THINK cute guys are coming (fail) 0:53 maria at Långnäs 0:57 maria and siri in a bus toward stockholm with all 9th graders 0:58 my sister nicole and I standing in Stockholm 1:03 maria and I sitting on a bench in the school yard 1:06 me, siri and maria having fun at Vevlinge 2009 1:10 siri coming out of a toilet at the Nordiska museet 1:14 my friend amanda and I bathe in the cold water at Vevlinge 2010 1:25 me waiting for maria and siri to come out of the classroom 1:29 siri eating lollipop 1:32 me and siri at Larsersbäcken, having fun in the water
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Sorry I Dinged Your Car!

We put notes on cars, claiming that we accidentally dinged their car and to call us back so we can mess with them. If you want to help us with this project, leave notes on cars with the phone number 425-TWO FOUR THREE-7565. – PLA – Cacti Radio – Prank Phone Calls – Thanks, Carlito, for letting us use one of your ding calls! http – Phone Losers of America website. – background music provided by The Doubleclicks. The song is called Technical Writer.
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Sorry for the pranks call Hewie, although you’re a 30 year-old who hangs out with students

My apology to an asshole.

Stan Strickland finally resigns his sad sorry ass — Stan Strickland, disgraced judge (and the other half of Dumb & Dumber) has finally done the decent thing and resigned his sad sorry ass. It’s a shame it didn’t do it a long time ago. We are the #1Casey Anthony Fan site – Exposing the MYTHS, LIES & BS – and uncovering the TRUTH about the Casey Anthony Trial *and* Celebrating the Innocence, Freedom and Total Awesomeness of Casey Anthony! WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!! “Immaculate Deception The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony”:


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Sorry about the lack of content

Hopefully once everything is sorted out I will be back to reporting weird news. I have had a lot of problems with the editing software and camera. Thanks to my six subscribers for sticking with me. I will be back soon.

say sorry in tesco

fighting in tesco trying to make him say sorry


sorry I haven’t posted a video in a while XD A shoutout to my friends in kentucky &more weird laws Here’s the link to my other channel… and here’s kaybug’s!
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Guy Fawkes being burned in effigy. The bonfire is kind of small, I admit, but it’s because Virginia Beach has weird laws about fires now…There are two separate little fires in the fire pit because if they were combined they would be against the law. That is sooo weird! But, safety first, yes??

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