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Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl at Madison Square Garden on August 31 2010

sorry for the screaming and moving around in the beginning. i promise it gets better! that girl is sooooooooooooooooo lucky. :(


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Square Dance Competition in Rankin Inlet

Square Dance Competition here in Rankin Inlet..Pretty Neat huh? Well, enjoy the vid…
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New Year’s Eve Times Square 2011!!

Partying with MTV on NYE.. Download this song: CTFxC channel: Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:
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QM6.8: Finite Square Well E ≤ V₀ – Discrete energy specturm

The Finite Square Well Potential, case: E ≤ V₀ In graphing the expressions for each equation, we can this famous graph in quantum mechanics showing the discrete energy values for a finite square well potential. Note that the number of solutions depend on the size of R, which in turn depends on the depth V₀ and the width a of the well. Also, in the limiting case V₀→∞, the circle’s radius R becomes infinite we recover the energy expression for the infinite well. For an in-depth study, check out
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QM0.4: “Square” Potentials

In order to display quantum effects, we are going to consider potentials which varied considerably over small distances. Quantitatively, this is represented by a ‘Square’ potential. For an in-depth study, check out
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013 Hilary: The Square Well

In thisseries of physics lectures, Professor JJ Binney explains how probabilities are obtained from quantum amplitudes, why they give rise to quantum interference, the concept of a complete set of amplitudes and how this defines a “quantum state”.
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quantum mechanics: infinite square well (part I)

In this problem we setup and solve the infamous “particle in a box” or infinite square well potential. We find that the energies are discrete.
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Funny Scare Prank in Time Square NYC

Like Freaky On FaceBook Official YouTube Channel Stalk Freaky Freaky the snowman was inspired while Jay from RIPFILMS who was having a conversation with Tom from ExtremeCostumes. Jay wanted to create a screamer video involving a snowman. Tom insisted on building a snowman costume, and after some brainstorming we came up with this crazy and funny idea. We knew right away that Brian from RedHeadFlute was perfect to pull off the prank. We give you Freaky the Scary Farting Snowman. We brought Freaky along with Bumblebee from Extreme Costumes to Time Square NYC to try and get some epic reactions from people from all over the world who visit this amazing place! Follow along as we travel to new and exciting places. Big Thanks to The chico for helping Freaky The Scary Snowman Follow RipFilms Like RipFIlms on FACEBOOK Learn how Freaky the snowman was built Follow Extremem Costumes Like Extreme Costumes on FACEBOOK The Farting Snowman Follow REdHeadFlute Like RedHeadFlute on FACEBOOK Big Thanks to The chico for helping with some camera work Music by Sugar Plum Dark Mix Genre: Classical Length: 2:06 Instruments: Orchestra, Celesta, Choir, Percussion, Synths Tempo: 52 Tchaikovsky’s dance from the Nutcracker with lots of percussion and extra
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Casey Anthony: Day 24, Should Baez Waive the White Pocket Square Orlando criminal defense lawyers Richard Hornsby and Jeff Deen provide trial analysis for WESH 2 News reporter Amanda Ober during a rough day for Jose Baez in the Casey Anthony trial.
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