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Starseed Update for 1-25-2012 — Part 1 of 2 (SOPA, Solar Flares, Andromeda Council, Reptilians)

The first episode of a new series I plan on doing that will update you on the various and plentiful news items and personal undertakings which I believe you would benefit from hearing about. I hope you enjoy this informal chat series! :-) Look for Part 2 tomorrow afternoon (Thursday the 26th). LINKS: Bill Killed: SOPA death celebrated as Congress recalls anti-piracy acts ‘Space hurricane’ from the sun sweeping over our planet AMMACH & Underground Video UK ExopoliticsTV

BY EVAN BUSH ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Maybe the Mayans had it wrong — after all the hullabaloo from theorists saying a solar storm could end the world in 2012 — it turns out the real action’s starting in 2011. That’s right — the first of many expected solar flares will hit earth until the end of the year. But don’t worry — it poses no danger to human life, just cell reception. PC World explains. “our sun is ramping up its solar activity right about now. … minor radio blackouts are expected, including disruptions to devices like GPS units, radios, and mobile phones.” A physics professor on CNN explains — this is all part of the sun’s usual cycle, but it could cause some fairly serious problems. “Every 11 years the sun has a temper tantrum and throws a volley radiation at the earth. So far, we’ve dodged the bullet. But we’re very young in the space age; we’re not used to having our satellites get knocked out because of a solar flare, but it could happen.” And reports that while it might be annoying if cell reception is disrupted — it’s going to be fun to watch for those with the right geography and clear skies — “Geomagnetic storms can also trigger dramatic aurora displays, which are also known as the northern and southern lights. So skywatchers at higher latitudes may want to look up after sunset over the next few days.” But this is just the start of the ‘tantrum’ part of the cycle. Back in November, when solar storm news began to heat up, CNET reported
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Angels, Ghosts, Crystals, & Aliens- A Conversation with the Author of Journal of a Starseed

Interview recorded 6/26/11 with Charis Brown Malloy, author of Journal of a Starseed, on Sunday Morning Live with host Isidra Person-Lynn. Topics discussed: spiritual awakenings, psychic ability, aliens, UFOs, extra terrestrials, crystals, energy healing, Reiki, ghosts, exorcisms, angels Read the first 2 chapters of Journal of a Starseed at Find Charis Brown Malloy on facebook at **Artwork used in this video was found in the public domain and is not owned by the video’s creator**
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The Starseed And Indigo Agenda

A fellow cosmic brother (Starseed) has asked me to re-upload this video to my channel and I am proud to do so and assist my star family. You can view his profile and contact him at his own YT channel: @ and you can also visit our website @
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Starseed: Disclosure

Visit our main site: Join us on Facebook Join our discussion group Create your own starseed meetup free!
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Starseed Radio – Corey Herter & Sacred Geometry PT1

Starseed Radio Provided by Starseeds.Net W/special guest: Cory Herter had his first Near Death Experience at the age of 10 due to a severe brain injury sustained from a car accident. One of the effects of the Brain Injury increased the amount of DMT produced in Cory’s Brain. DMT is a naturally occuring hallucinogenic chemical produced in the Pineal Gland and responsible for Near Death Experiences. This excessive production of DMT resulted in Cory having over 300 near death experiences in a 5 year period. Spending over 1000 hours, earth time, on the other side, Cory brings a Powerful Message and Technology (Sacred Geometry)that will transform the way you look at Life, and Death.
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A series of videos which I attempt to offer an alternative way of looking at and understanding our own perception of our life, death, who and what we are, our reality and peoples near death experiences. We are a manifestation of energy in physical form, simply experiencing this illusion of reality in order to gain knowledge through the experiences of our lives.When our physical body shuts down, we return with our knowledge to the universal consciousness which exists throught the universe and which is also the entity which some regard as God.
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