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Petco Store FAIL (Prank Call)

This prank call shows how stupid the people at Petco can be 😉 Request ideas for our next LIVE PRANK CALL SHOW now !
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Cookie Monster calls Grocery Store

First Ever Cookie Monster Soundboard call

prank call abc store

not mine just an upload

Buds and Bowers (Flower Store Prank Phone Call)

I found a flower store in Australia called “Buds and Bowers” I couldn’t resist calling up asking for some “hydroponic buds” from the guy that worked there in a half-assed gangster sounding voice. My apologies for that, enjoy the call.
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department store security prank

Very Funny Video
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Nicoli Sparks Prank Calls Jk Market Liquor Store

Nicoli Sparks calls up JK Market cause he wants some champagne!


I prank my girlfriend with a fake lottery ticket! She runs to the nearest convenience store LOL FOLLOW US ON TWIITER :) Alex: Monika: OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE :) WHat Would you do If you won the lottery? COMMENT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO BE NEXT SHOUTOUT :)
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Blockbuster prank call: I want to buy your store

Subscribe for more prank calls! Main channel:
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Video Store Clerk prank gone wrong

Mike had just run through this video store twice, screaming the entire time. We thought the clerk was calling the police so he ran into the store a third time, and we were all surprised at what happened. The cops did end up being called. A scene from the Arse Marks DVD: The Beginning. Video was shot and edited by: Rico Roman For more videos like this, check out:
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Friday Night: At a Hardware Store

How do you party on Friday Night? This guy goes to a Hardware Store.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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