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Coast To Coast AM: Solar Storms, Economic Collapse, and Gerald Celente News 8/19/11

Prepare while you still can!! CurrencyOfTheFuture.US Coast To Coast AM Solar Storms, Economic Collapse, and Gerald Celente News 8/19/11 Do you have storable food reserves yet? If you visit my website (link below) and watch the ‘video tour’ I will send you 12 FREE servings of…
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NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory filmed images of a large solar flare on February 24 2011. The (M3.6 rating) event is not the strongest solar flare ever recorded but was still big enough to kick up a huge tendril of plasma, known as a solar prominence. The entire eruption lasted for about 90 minutes. Thursday’s flare was the latest in a recent series of of sun storm emissions, but its blast was directed away from the Earth and is not expected to pose any disruption to satellites or other electronic systems. Scientists use a three tier system to classify solar flares; Class X are the largest and most powerful, Class M are medium but still considered very large, while Class C are the weakest..” RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
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2012 And The Strongest Solar Storms Ever Recorded Man, it’s cold in Illinois. You wouldn’t see Carl Sagan trying this. I’ll try close captioning this video so people can better read the script, the wind was extraordinarily strong today. This is the first video filmed with my new Flip Video Camera mounted on a tiny tripod.
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Solar Storms Cause Mass Power Outages

Solar Storms Cause Mass Power Outages or short out electronics. Are you ready for the coming solar storm that is now starting to develop??? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Solar Storm Warning Real Time DATA and breaking news at: Help Spread The Link * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NASA’s own website has long since issued a “2012 Solar Storm Warning!” Then in June of of 2010 NASA upgrades their warning telling the general public to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm! The guy above in this video is either lying or he’s way out of the loop as he is nothing more then a spokesperson for NASA who only knows what he is told to say. *Here is the link to NASA’s official, “2012 Solar Storm Warning”. If you want even more hard evidence and real time data go to:
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Comet hits Sun / Warning for May 2011 solar storms

No End In Site! I dread when Earth Passes onto the other side of the Sun where all the action is now!

The Halloween Solar Storms

Excerpt from “Attack of the Sun… in 1080p.” The Halloween solar storms of 2003 were a wake up call for the risks that solar flares and coronal mass ejections pose to our increasingly technological society. It had been three and a half years since the sun last erupted in fury…at the peak of an 11-year cycle of solar flare-ups. Back then, we got ready for it… by shutting down satellites that were vulnerable to high levels of radiation. But no one expected this. In what should have been a low point in solar activity, the sun erupted in a series of massive explosions, called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. Electrified gas clouds weighing billions of tons raced outward. Solar telescopes recorded the action… The largest emission of solar x-rays ever seen. The hottest flares, at tens of millions of degrees. And the fastest… reaching speeds clocked at six million miles per hour. The sun became a giant plasma weapon… more potent than any in science fiction… and pointed right at our home planet. On Earth… the Halloween storms produced some of the most spectacular auroras ever seen at the north and south poles. They also brought jolts of electricity that caused power outages in Sweden, and disrupted airline navigation. In space, these storms damaged 28 communications satellites, and destroyed two. And they didn’t stop there. As the energetic surge swept past Mars, it was so strong it burned out the radiation monitor aboard the spacecraft, Mars Global Surveyor
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Huge Filament Eruption & M1.1 Solar Flare A magnetic filament eruption that was detected as an M1.1 solar flare took place at 13:35 UTC Wednesday morning between active regions 11342 and 11342. A powerful Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) ensued and components may be Earth Directed where impact is expected November 13th. Earthquake Reporting Channel solarwatcher website Soho Website http Solar Soft website Helioviewer Solar Website Link Estimated Planetary K index information GOES Xray Flux Data Sunspot Information from Solar Monitor Earthquake Forecasting Channel Quality Weather Website Space Weather Website http Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod Ending music used is from Soundcritters (Swords And Claws)

G2-Geomagnetic Storms / Solar Watch May 29, 2011

The recent spell of low solar activity is over. Sunspots are popping up across the solar disk and one of them, growing active region 11226, is crackling with C- and M-class solar flares. So far none of the blasts has been geoeffective, but this could change as the active region turns toward Earth in the days ahead. A stream of high-speed solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, causing geomagnetic storms around both of our planet’s poles. At this time of year, the midnight sun interferes with the visibility of Northern Lights over Alaska and Scandinavia, but the situation is different on the other side of Earth. Southern Lights were on full display this morning in the dark autumn skies of Queenstown, New Zealand SolarIMG website Soho Website http Solar Soft website Helioviewer Quality Dedicated Solar Website Link Estimated Planetary K index information GOES Xray Flux Data Sunspot Information from Solar Monitor Earthquake Forecasting Channel Quality Weather Website Space Weather Website http Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod Ending music used is 28 Strobe (Adagio in D Minor) by John Murphy
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According to NASA this is an electromagnetic event. Sunspots, solar flares and solar storms are visible plasma wave “discharges.” In a fraction of a second the eruption shoots hundreds of thousand of miles! Not too dissimilar from a lightning bolt on a massive solar scale. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this view of a powerful M3.6 Class solar flare on Feb. 24, 2011 during a 90-minute sun storm. Plasma is sort of an electrified “gas” and the fundamental state of matter. It is often called the 4th state of matter. When one or more of the outer (valence) electrons are stripped away from an atom we say the atom has become ‘ionized’. It then exhibits a net positive electrical charge, and is called a ‘positive ion’. On the other hand, if an extra electron is added onto a neutral atom, the combination then carries a net negative charge and is referred to as a ‘negative ion’. The electrical forces between dissimilar ions are orders of magnitude stronger than any mechanical force such as that produced by gravity. An electrical plasma is a cloud of ions and electrons that, under the excitation of applied electrical and magnetic fields, can sometimes light up and behave in some unusual ways Remember, not everything is the way you were taught it was… Electricity attracts, magnets repel. The sun is an electric “element” of the universe which keeps the earth in it’s orbit by means of the stronger force of electromagnetism. NASA scientists called the display a “monster
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Daily Dosimeters, Solar Storms, Hack Attacks – New World Next Week

Welcome back toNew World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in alternative news & open source intelligence. This week: Story #1: Japan City to Give Radiation Counters to Children Related: Radiation ‘Hotspots’ Hinder Japan Response to Nuclear Crisis Related Video: Dutchsinse Pacific Northwest Radiation Tests Show Lower Levels Than Midwest? Story #2: US/UK to Cut Power In Preparation of Massive Solar Storm Related: Sun’s Magnetic Levels Ebb as Scientists Note Missing Sunspot Activity Related: June 15 Lunar Eclipse; Not Visible From North America Story #3: LulzSec Laughing at Your Security Since 2011 Related: Solar Threats, Hack Attacks and Jet Packs Subscribe to to get hi-quality episodes to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report http and Media Monarchy Thank you. Previous Episode: Black Boxes, Cyber Autonomy, Superfood Inflation

Solar Flare Storms On the way today August 5 2011 FALSE FLAG?

interesting how they report this on a friday Night before the weekend. When all government people Could have time to get to their underground bunkers. Funny how all the solar flares happen to be aimed right at us? what are the ODDS. I mean do the math. its like bs notice the code wording with the solar flare name. Would you trust these government funded agencies? They have another agenda. nevermind the sun. They are gona Kill power, Possible excuse for martial law… it would take days to get here at 2000 KMh more bullshit even if it was true

NASA STEREO Tracks Solar Storms – First Time

Plasma from solar flares or coronal mass ejections travel along solar wind to ultimately produce aurora’s in Earth’s polar regions, and affect satellites and power grids and other man-made electronics. Related video: For many years, the idea that coronal mass ejections (CME) launched from the Sun and could strike the Earth was inferred from an indirect chain of evidence collected from multiple satellites. Now the Heliospheric Imagers aboard the STEREO-A spacecraft has managed to view a CME propagate from the surface of the Sun to the Earth. This visualization shows the position of the STEREO spacecraft during the event, as well as the positions of the inner solar system planets, Venus and Mercury. A faint cone illustrates the field-of-view (FOV) of the HI-2 imager on STEREO-A. The position of the front of the CME is computed from STEREO data. NASA’s STEREO spacecraft and new data processing techniques have succeeded in tracking space weather events from their origin in the Sun’s ultra-hot corona to impact with the Earth 96 million miles away, resolving a 40-year mystery about the structure of the structures that cause space weather: how the structures that impact the Earth relate to the corresponding structures in the solar corona. Despite many instruments that monitor the Sun and a fleet of near-earth probes, the connection between near-Earth disturbances and their counterparts on the Sun has been obscure, because CMEs and the solar wind evolve and change

Solar Storms & the Grid Mat Stein CoastoCoast am http:/ Mat Stein talked abot the possibility of solar flares or storms knocking out the electric grid. Such storms took place in 1859 and 1921 and e ar statistically due for another such event, especially with the solar maximum coming up, he noted. In the event of severe solar activity, the electric grid could be knocked out for months or years, because transformers are so difficult to replace, he said. Stein suggested the implementation of a new vacuum tube technology that would protect transformers from melting down– though the cost of this would be around billion.
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