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Best of YouTube Stunts 2010 w/ unseen Blood Bonus Footage

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Rich Minga Stunts and Motorsports

Rich Minga is a Stunt man for Television and film specializing in Stunt Driving. Motorcycles, fast cars, trucks, vans, big jumps

Jet Car Stunts – iPhone – Time Trial Mode

Jet Car Stunts by True Axis. We release a Platforming level playthough video earlier. This time are showing one lap from one of the more difficult time trial levels. Game Available Now
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jet Car Stunts Lite – Out Now! – All new Levels – for iPhone

Jet Car Stunts Lite (Free version of Jet Car Stunts) – All new content – 5 platforming levels – 3 time trial levels – leaderboards and replays. – Most importantly all free

Pulse TV – Sushi, stunts and Easter eggs

On this episode of CNET Australia’s weekly video show, we shove some synthetic sushi in our mouths and sit back in astonishment to learn some serious stunt driving moves. We unveil a new segment to sink your teeth into called “How Do I Internet?”, looking at the best (and worst) of the online world, and Craig Simms takes you through the Top 5 Easter eggs.

Top Gear Live Olympics Opening Ceremony/Paul Swift Stunts

The Olympics, TG style. Featuring the brilliant Paul Swift Stunt Team

Awesome Driving Stunts

Professional Stunt Driving Team, Does Amazing Stunts

The Ascent (4/12): STUNTS / PRANKS / STUPIDITY

The Original ‘Ascent’ hour-long video from 2000! Omnium-Gatherum section. Mix of stupid stunts, pranks, jokes, goofing off…falls, pain.. Free Running. Tricking. Snowboarding. Trampoline. Russian Swing. Stunts. Flat ground. No Parkour. Ontario, Canada.

Funny Pranks, Funny Videos and dumb stunts (More funniest Videos Funny Video of kids being teen jackass doing funny pranks
Video Rating: 3 / 5

JackMonkey: Johnny Knoxville, Dudesons, KelloggShowKids! Epic Stunts, Pranks & Pain KSK productions – We hit the ground running in the video … literally, and we hit hard, it hurts. Watch as we throw ourselves down stairs, off swings, out of cars, and so much more. You want to see a stunt or pain? Comment below and we’ll add it to our next video & give you credit!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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