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Angry Grandpa – Garbage Dog (Chipmunk Style)

I changed the pitch to a chipmunk styled version, I did it just for fun! Please subscribe!!! or the angry grandpa/chipmunk will hunt for you! lol
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Mean Pranks Russian Style

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Fonejacker style ‘real life’ fraud call – Indian call centre scam

This was a real conversation with someone who called me yesterday. I get a lot of calls from these indian call centre fraudsters, trying to get me to do stuff to my computer on the pretext that there is a ‘local virus attack’ affecting my computer or some such nonsense. I usually tell them to go away or just hang up, but yesterday I was in a ‘playful mood’, shall we say, when they called me. So I played along with them and actually had quite a good laugh (at their expense). And yes, you can tell im a big fan of Fonejacker/Kayvan Novak……
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kiiking it estonia style

Top 25 TV Shows Based on Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray, Whatever! It’s a Wonderful Sorority Life, What’s a Nice Girl like You, What’s Ailing Medicine, What’s Cookin’, What’s Eating Victoria Beckham, What’s My 20, What’s My Line, What’s On!, What’s So Funny, What’s That Sound: The Making of the Queer Eye Music Video, What’s the Verdict, What’s Up with the Weather, What’s with Andy, Wheel of Fortune 2000, Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch, Wheels of Terror, When a Stranger Calls Back, When Angels Come to Town, When Animals Attack, When Animals Attack II, When Animals Attack III, When Animals Attack IV, When Animals Talk, When Bad Videos Happen to Good Artists
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Painkiller Already 71 Prank Calls Part 1 Painkiller Already 71 Prank Calls Part 2 As always I hope you #lickit. Feedback is greatly welcomed. FOLLOW, IZEDNECK, Twitter Facebook
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April Fools: Canada Style

In which Russia is pranked (?)
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Happy Birthday Jimmy Kimmel Style 1-6-12

Oops I did it again!
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PCW Wrestling TV HOT WWE style women for Indy show 6-8-02 fresh funny movies best college prank

PCW Wrestling TV HOT WWE style women for Indy show 6-8-02 fresh funny movies best college prank good april fools pranks jokes for april fools day new stripteaese babes Movie PCW, Wrestling, XPW, Lance, Hoyt, Sabu, CZW, women, ECW
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just for jackass parent style

very iteresting funny jackass sammy sexy far big

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