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BO 112-6! Adding Subs and Updates!

Hi my name is collin i enjoy uploading daily call of duty as well as minecraft. I upload every day in hd. im currently 15. So if you like my content subscribe thanks TAGS: Best smg in warfare 3 mw3 how to rush in modern warfare 3 mw3 does kick effect hip fire modern warfare mw3 kick steady aim rapid fire modern warfare 3 mw3 how to level up fast modern warfare 3 mw3 best smg lmg assault rifle sniper rifle shotgun modern warfare 3 mw3 Support vs assault vs specialty killstreak/poinstreak package how to unlock proficiencies in modern warfare 3 mw3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Black Ops World at War gold camo clan tags theater mode Assault Rifles M4A1 M16A4 SCAR-L CM901 Type 95 G36C ACR 6.8 MK14 AK-47 FAD FAMAS Submachine Guns UMP45 MP5 PP90M1 P90 PM-9 MP7 MP5K AK-74u Vector Light Machine Guns L86 LSW MG36 PKP Pecheneg MK46 M60E4 MW3 RPD MW3 M240 MW3 Sniper Rifles MW3 Barrett .50cal MW3 L118A Dragunov AS50 RSASS MSR Shotguns USAS 12 KSG 12 SPAS-12 AA-12 Striker Model 1887 Machine Pistols FMG9 MP9 korpion G18 Handguns USP .45 P99 MP412 44 Magnum Five seven Desert Eagle Launchers SMAW FIM-92 Stinger Javelin XM25 M320 GLM RPG-7 AT4 Weapon Proficiencies Kick Impact Attachments Focus Breath Stability Range Melee Speed Damage Attachments Red Dot Sight Suppressor Grenade Launcher (M203, GP-25, AG36) Rapid Fire Grip Akimbo Tactical Knife ACOG Scope Heartbeat Sensor Hybrid Sight HAMR Scope Shotgun Holographic Sight Extended Mags Thermal Scope Variable Scope Lethal Frag Semtex
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Funny slideshow bon jovi with subs

Sing along to this funny compilation of funny pictures and the legendary song living on a prayer by bon jovi Please rate as i neeeeeed feedback!!!! remember to leave appropriate comments! =) and please dont spam about death to relatives or people if they read those stupid comments please. I dont have all day to mark all those crap as spam… btw, thx for the honours! #8 -Top Favorites (All Time) – Gadgets & Games – Chinese #10 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Gadgets & Games – Chinese #26 – Top Rated (All Time) – Gadgets & Games – Chinese #15 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #32 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #92 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Entertainment #98 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Entertainment 03 November 2007: #3 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #6 – Top Rated (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #1 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #1 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Gadgets & Games #10 – Most Linked (All Time) – Gadgets & Games 06 November 2007: #90 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Entertainment – Global #94 – Top Favourites (All Time) – Entertainment – Global 08 November 2007: #89 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Entertainment – Global #92 – Top Favourites (All Time) – Entertainment – Global 11 November 2007: #6 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Film & Animation – Canada #9 – Top Rated (All Time) – Film & Animation – Canada #13 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Canada #2 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Film & Animation – Canada #29 – Most
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*****PLEASE TURN ON ANNOTATIONS***** Three adroable Japanese kids are forced to attack a “Zombie”. This video was shown at many schools within Japan, to teach children about the importance of teamwork… (with english subtitles) Sorry about the quality.. This video was caputred 4 years ago — Rin (now 14), Tora (12) and Tomonojo (10) are all perfectly fine and seemingly have no negative psycological affects from this happening. The children were rewarded for their efforts and clearly informed about the suggested importance from this event.
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Ownage Pranks – Saki Xpress Prank *With Subs*

Hey guys, another part of the live show ownage did a while back pretty hilarious I hope you all enjoy!
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EPIC PRANK CALL HILARIOUS W/ SUBS!!! | | Skype | Ep. – 1 | Black Ops

I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE THIS!!! We had a TON of funny during the live stream, and honestly, these were the LEAST funny of all of the epic prank phone calls we made! If you really enjoyed this video, leave me a rating and some feedback so I know if I should upload more! Thanks for watching, it’s an honor entertaining you :] Prank Phone Callers: My boy Nako, for the sick watermark! My boy AWOW, hookin me up with sexy beatz —————————————————————————————————————- Follow me: Facebook: Skype: datyoungbull

Diabolical Riolu Sweep – Pokemon Black & White Wifi Battle #50 [9001 SUBS SPECIAL!]

IT’S OVER 9000!!! Thank you everyone! This my 50th uploaded B/W match featuring the most evil phazing strategy in the existence competitive Pokemon battling. Compared the level 1 Aron this is a slow and painful death. Check out DBZA by TFS: Check out TheLastTaquito!
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Ownage Pranks – Condom Prank *With Subs*

Hey people, I recorded this at ownages live show a couples days back. MAD FUNNY I hope you guys enjoy :)
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Khiladi 1992 (Full Movie) English Subs – Akshay Kumar, Deepak Tijori, Ayesha Jhulka

Four friends namely: Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), Neelam Choudhury (Ayesha Julka), Boney (Deepak Tijori), and Sheetal (Sabeeha) attends college and are slackers. They play pranks and jokes with everyone including the college principals and students. On a holiday weekend they decides to play a practical joke on Sheetal’s politician and wealthy dad Kailash Nath (Prem Chopra). They phone Kailash Nath’s house and tell him that Sheetal’s been kidnapped by the mafia and they demand a ransom of Rs.500, 000. Nath’s servant soon informs the police especially Raj’s elder brother Suresh Malhotra (Shakti Kapoor). But they manage to elude the police, and eventually get the ransom, they headed back to a small cottage to meet the girls. But as they head inside, they found out that Sheetal’s been stabbed to death. Thought they will be implicated for her death, they unknowingly get rid of her corpse but soon her body is found by the police and the three friends begins to panic and get rid of any evidence that may lead the police to them.
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The Gender War (Könskriget), pt1 [6/6] English subs (click CC)

The Gender War is a two hour documentary by journalist Evin Rubar, about radical feminism and its influence on Swedish politics. This is part 1 [6/6], subtitled by figaropravda. Original file available here:
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Ownage Pranks – Gay Hotline *with subs*

Hey guys, I was present at ownages live show decided to record a bit of it and managed to catch this. He was calling a gay hotline and managed to catch a couple convos with people. its REALLY funny I have more i might upload it later though its hard work doing the subtitles yourself =\ I hope you enjoy i as much as i did ——————————- HOLY SHIT ALMOST A MILLION VIEWS LOL
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