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Zolar Prank Calls Superbowl Hotel Harassment Prank

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Random: Football Superbowl Talk Plus New Channel Information

WATCH TILL THE END. IT’S HILARIOUS! In this video, Tyler talks about some changes to our channel. New App, banana orgy rage!, and a new advertisement proposition for other channels. Every week we will advertise in one of our videos the person or group who gives the best constructive criticism. In this advertisement we will tell what we liked about the video, possibly show a short clip, and provide a link in the video and in the description to the channel. HAPPY YOUTUBING!
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Bud Light – Smart Dogs! – [Superbowl 2011 Commercial]

Smart dogs commercial from Superbowl 2011 I do not own this material, song and video is copyright to their respectful owners. I have placed these here for entertainment purposes only. Again, I do not own any material.
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Black Eyed Peas Superbowl Half-time performance 2011

OMG we lost our shit when we saw quite possibly the Guinness book of world record set for largest simultaneous running man performance by none other than the black eyed peas and a bunch of weird white Tron looking dancers who must’ve built their costumes from the container store. WTF.

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