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Facebook 12 Videos Posted by Jyotsna Mendon ⎛⓿⏟⓿⎞ Watch this and you will cry for sure

quantum mechanics, 100% sure nothing is 100% sure

General relativity and quantum mechanics do not mix very well in conditions where they are both needed. Which one is wrong or incomplete? An amateur placing his bets.
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Funniest Prank Ever – Wins the “Funny Pranks Award” for sure!!

Hilarious prank from tinochavez. For more Prank ideas:
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Radiohead/The Bends – How Can You Be Sure?

Rediohead The Bends How Can You Be Sure?
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Casey Anthony sure misses her dancing days

Baby killer Casey Anthony reminisces about the good old days…gone forever! Skip to :50 if you’re sick of looking at her gross party pictures. Justice for Caylee
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My kids sure love to prank Mom and Dad on April Fool’s Day!

Some harmless but cute April Fool’s Day jokes my kids have pulled on us in the past!

Ringo Starr – Sure To Fall

This album was intended for release in April 1981 under the title “Can’t Fight Lightning”, but Ringo had a dispute with CBS (who distributed Portrait records in the US) and left the label. There was then a delay while Ringo negotiated with new distributors, until he signed with RCA The former title track was dropped, and the album was re-christened “Stop And Smell The Roses”. Recording Sessions 11th – 21st July 1980 at the Super Bear Studios in Bear-Les-Alpes, France (2700 feet up a mountain !). 4th – End of September 1980 at the Cherokee Studios in LA (23rd September – Ronnie Wood records “Dead Giveaway” with Ringo). 19th-25th November 1980 at George’s Friars Park Studios (FPSHOT). 1st-5th December 1980 at the Compass Point Studios in LA with Harry Nilsson (4th December Ringo records the new “Back Off Boogaloo” vocals). 20th January until 12th February 1981, the final sessions are back at Cherokee Studios. And on 13th February 1981 the final mixes are prepared at Compass Point. Out of the fifteen tracks recorded, ten are selected for the final running order. The five unreleased tracks recorded during the sessions being : “Can’t Fight Lightning” (written by Ringo for Barabara, when they were almost hit by lightning !) “Brandy” (recorded 25th September with Ronnie Wood) “I Don’t Believe You” (recorded 6th November 1980 with Ronnie Wood). “Life Begins At 40” (written for Ringo by John), and “Wake Up” (written by Ringo). “Dead Giveaway” was almost a minute longer before
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Video requested by riceWitAdobo and rockedlikeme Hope you guys like it :] Song Used- Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals Fandom- Avatar the Last Airbender Program Used- Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 Follow me on Twitter: Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Add me :] The story goes that in the way beginning Zuko leaves Katara but he quickly comes back for her. Katara is still hurt by him leaving and is being a little stubborn and indifferent. Zuko keeps trying to get her back and is unsuccessful which is bringing him down. He later sees Azula attacking Katara while she is defending herself. Zuko jumps into the fight and protects her and gets hit by lightning. Katara goes and heals him and finally smile at him which makes Zuko happy and they are once again together :] You can interpret it anyway you like but that was just my view on it :] Enjoy I DON’T OWN ANYTHING ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS


This video was taken on the International Space Station (ISS) at 1:00AM EST December 5, 2010. See the flashes also at 3:14 to 3:29 also, besides the obvious _____? I’ve been watching the sunset and sunrise NASA ISS for a while, and each time there is a sunset/sunrise, an unusual anomaly take place. THIS ANOMALY is REALLY ODD! Check it out… I cut the first few minutes of footage out, but can retrieve if you think I need to… The last few minutes are just to confirm no goofing around with footage! Analyze the HECK out of this! This is AMAZING! Do you remember the tether footage from NASA? Are these objects the same and/or similar???? Whoa! This one is a BIGGIE! here’s the video from four years ago… Similar! you can watch along any time for yourself live at this site: Check this link out too:

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