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Trick of the day: Fs tail slide to bank…

Trick of the day…. Whoever said this was fun was sooo right 😀
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Young Knives ‘Turn Tail’

Young Knives music video for song ‘Turn Tail’ from their new album Superabundance.
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Dog swings Rabbit by tail.

Sarge meets Pim-Pim. Chaos ensues. He is crazy about her. Sarge is a cheeky Poo-huahua. Pim-Pim is a 6 month old smart, and sassy bunny. They are now great friends.

drunk n playing pin the tail on the donkey

well juno starts then me, having a turn at pin the tail on the donkey
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Tale of the Tail

A Siamese Love Story directed by Åsa Riton / Nollapan. Video for Hess is More. Also shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art (London).



Manta ray with shark bites on its wings and tail

This manta ray was circling a cleaning station. The manta has at least four bite marks on its back end, and it has lost his tail – injuries most likely caused by a shark. The manta will probably recover from his injuries.

I wonder if the tentacles would have just not come out of the floor because I killed Plant 42..?
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No Tail The Squirrel.AVI

This is our little wild squirrel that comes by every day for his peanuts…he has been visiting us for 4 years and ….you will note that after he has a drink of water, he then comes over to me and he takes the peanuts from my hand and even tho he is wild, he trusts me to feed him his peanuts every day….he joins the Cardinals and the Blue Jay who also come by for their peanuts….it is a veritable menagerie here in Norfolk, VA
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Giant red tail catfish, Amazon, Brazil
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Flapjack Chases his tail: The Start

Flapjack is the wacky cat who suddenly sees his own tail as a seperate creature. Flapjack must have eaten some hallucinagenic insects. It was hard to not laugh at this bizarre behavior.
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