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Very Angry Chinese Take Out Prank Call

Some one doesn’t understand or appreciate prank calls.
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The Backshop Show, Ep.3-“Did You Take Your Pill?”

Episode. 3 Roy’s circle of friends – including Ramtin, Wakefield, and Weird – proves to be a bizarre mix of beer-guzzling tab-skippers and ZigZag-searching lowlifes. Pauly hurts Roy’s feeling by rejecting his fruity leather gift, PP sheds a tear, and The Homa makes its first appearance (along with a customary reference to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Tigheland Productions
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Shopping List Prank – Greg’s uncut take

Watch the ORIGINAL video first! To show how CRAZY holiday shoppers are, 2 guys go into a store and attempt to buy an insane list of nonsensical shopping items. Check out “Impractical Jokers” premiering December 15th on truTV! Special thanks to truTV for sponsoring this video! Featuring Greg Benson & Ryan Smith Camera: Joe Nation & Greg Benson PA: Lindsey Koens Music: “Funky One” and “Olde Timey” by Kevin MacLeod This video is not affiliated with Target. But we love Target. Tags improv parody pranks spoof video hidden candid camera secret idiot idiots funny silly crazy weird dumb cute prank video guy standup comedy comedian joke jokes laugh laughs goofy fun interview happy television tv movie “hidden camera” web series internet talk talking speak speaking entertainment “standup comedy” “web series” “home video” “prank video” man woman dude Target store employee humor humour sketch cam holiday shopping shopper shoppers Christmas holidays “Black Friday” “Cyber Monday”
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Take my Groceries Pranks

Very Funny Prank on The Road
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“Take it to the Max” Trailer

The original trailer made for the yet to be debuted crazy TV show “Take it to the Max”

Ninja Pranksters Take to the Streets 2

Crazy kung-fu ninjas pull off wild pranks on unwitting passer-bys!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ninja Pranksters Take to the Streets 1

Crazy kung-fu ninjas pull off wild pranks on unwitting passer-bys!

Prank Phone Call To Chinese Take Away Belfast

Brilliant, Hilarious prank phone call to Chinese take away in Belfast

Jonas Brothers – Fine take your banana

Gonzales – Take Me To Broadway

A working class entertainer’s anthem. Gonzales is a jewish prankster based in east Berlin & Paris. Born in the wild woods of Canada, he released two bestselling albums on Warner Music. In 1998 he relocated to the old world to begin intensive studies on mind control techniques. These techniques include the punishing repitition of off-kilter phat beats, orchestral jazz samples, futuristic-flow melodies and simply… piano.

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