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Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit!!! (ANGRY BLUE JUKEBOX)

I sing the legendary Nirvana song, unlike the others… I think I did a pretty decent job with this one. The news being broken of Kurt Cobain’s untimely passing was one of the moments many people will never forget. He was, is and always will be a rock icon… his demise all too reminiscent of Jim Morrison.Since I am a lazy no good sock, I came up with another concept to make videomaking easier for me. The last time I did this, with Dear Angry… it was more successful than I could have ever hoped. My idea is simple, if there is a song you would like myself, Krista or Groover (or any combination)to sing… write me a letter titled ANGRY BLUE JUKEBOX and tell me what you want me to hear… can’t promise I will be able to find it online in karaoke format, but I will do my best to accomodate your request. DEAR ANGRY IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKIN’! Reminder: the only questions that I will read for Dear Angry are ones that are submitted to me privately. I will answer all questions sent to me thru comments… but only as a comment response. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, my good friend GOOBIAN recently conducted a lengthy interview with the man behind the sock… I will link each part as soon as it is up on her page. Ever wonder what the real voice sounds like? Well, check it out then!
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rubbish teen jackass series 2 episode 4

teen jackass series 2 PLEASE COMMENT
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Delmar man stops teen prank and calls cops, but he gets arrested DELMAR – Daniel Van Plew says he and his family are still shaken after the late night teenage prank, which ended with his arrest. "I'd love to tell you my story, but I'm so reluctant because I'm the one who's charged. There's no winners in this thing. It's just a

Miley Cyrus Pole Dances at Teen Choice Awards 2009! – AMEN! free funny videos pranks top 10

Miley Cyrus Pole Dances at Teen Choice Awards 2009! – AMEN! free funny videos pranks top 10 college pranks good college dorm pranks sexy stripping new video Miley, Cyrus, Pole, Dance, Party, in, the, USA, 2009, Teen, Choice, Awards, Jonas, Brothers, Twilight, Zac, Efron, Vanessa, Hudgens, Robert, Pattinson, Kristen, Stewart, Ashley, Greene, Black, Eyed, Peas, Honor, Society, What, Buck, Michael, Buckleyentertainment, news, web, series, yt:quality=high
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Miley Cyrus’ stripper pole dance at 2010 Teen Choice Awards HD funny movies april fools pranks

Miley Cyrus’ stripper pole dance at 2010 Teen Choice Awards HD funny movies april fools pranks college good april fools pranks april fools day joke ideas new strip guys Movie teen, choice, awards, show, 2009, performance, new, single, party, In, The, USA, risque, miley, cyrus, dancing, fred, smosh, stripper, pole, dance, sexy, news, music, pop, xxx, zennie62, oakland, upskirt, orgasm
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A Teen Pregnancy Story -Episode 45- [in description box]

-At the mall- Danny: Let’s go to Forever 21. Demi: Okay. (walks to the store with her mom and Danny) Maite: Demi, look at that dress. Demi: It’s nice but I don’t really wear dresses. Maite: Well you should start. Demi: Mom. Maite: (gets the dress) You’re going to try it on. Demi: Do I have to? Maite and Danny: Yes. Demi: Fine but let’s look around. Maite: Okay. -After a couple hours of shopping- Danny: Let’s go eat I’m hungry. Maite: Where do you want to go? Danny: Let’s go to Duke’s. Demi: Yeah. Maite: Okay let’s go. (they go to Duke’s) You go get a table I’ll order. Demi: Okay. (goes to a table with Danny) Danny: Demi, I’m going to miss you when I leave. Demi: I know I am going to miss you, too. Maite: (goes to them) I ordered. Danny: Tía can I ask favor? Maite: Sure Danny what is it? Danny: Make sure Demi wears the dress to school tomorrow. Demi: What? Maite: Will do. Demi: I don’t want to wear a dress to school. Danny: Come on Demi you look so pretty in the dress. Maite: Danny is right. Demi: I’ll think about it. Maite: She’ll wear it. Demi: (cell phone rings caller id “Babe”) Hi Babe. Mitchel: Hello. Demi: You out of work already? Mitchel: Yupp I’m at my dad’s. Where are you? Demi: At Duke’s with Danny and my mom. Mitchel: Where is Josie? Demi: She is with my dad. Mitchel: Oh, I’ll see you tomorrow. Demi: Okie doke. Mitchel: Love you. Demi: Love you, too. (hangs up) Danny: Mitchel? Demi: Yupp. Waiter: (goes to table with their food, places the food on the table
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A Teen Pregnancy Story -Episode 49- [in description box]

Later Demi: (walks into her house with Mitchel) Hi Daddy. William: Hi mija. Mitchel: Hey Mr. Levy. William: Hey Mitch, I see you have braces. Mitchel: Yeah, and I hate them. William: I hated when I had them too in Junior High. Demi: But look at you know, you have a beautiful smile. William: Yupp and so do you. Demi: Aww thanks Daddy. Where is Josie? William: In the backyard with Harry. Demi: Thanks. (walks to the back yard with Mitchel) Josie: Mama, Dada. (crawls to them) Mitchel: Hi Baby. (picks her up) Harry: Hi guys, Bye guys. (walks inside) Josie: (looks at Mitchel and touches his braces) Mitchel: I know Daddy has braces now. Josie: (smiles) Mitchel: Daddy has to go now or I’ll be late to work. Josie: (pouts) Mitchel: Please don’t do that I’ll be back later. (hands her to Demi) Josie: (starts crying) Dada. (reaches for him) Demi: Shh Baby he’ll come back. Mitchel: (kisses them both) Bye Babies. (leaves) Josie: (crying) Dada. Demi: Baby, please don’t cry. Josie: (calms down a bit) Demi: Want ice cream? Josie: (stops crying, nods and smiles) Demi: (smiles) That always works with you. (walks inside with Josie) Joe: Josie! Josie: (smiles) Joe: (takes Josie from Demi) Aww were you crying? Demi: Yes she was I’m going to get her some ice cream. (walks to the kitchen) Joe: Yum ice cream. (sits on the floor with Josie) Fatty: (walks up to them) Joe: Hey Fatty. (pets his head) Fatty: (reaches up to Josie and starts to lick her face) Josie: (giggling) Joe: (chuckles) Demi

Church Does Gay Exorcism On Teen

Watch more at
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CNN Interview with church caught performing gay exorcism on teen (mirrored)

Church and gay exorcism on teen. CNN interview.

Watch Tyra AGAIN on 12/30!! (Gay Teen Exorcism)

Don’t miss out on a great episode of Tyra on September 22nd. The topic is gay teen exorcisms, which will highlight the church in Connecticut that performed an exorcism on a gay teen and posted it on YouTube. My partner Vince and I were guest speakers on the show! Check your local listings!
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