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worlds best most funiest supermarket (tesco) pranks in da world (britains most wanted)

this is not tesco is cheaper its me doing my own public announcement. best prank show in the world.

Tesco is cheaper. Asda PA announcement

It is a hilarious prank phone call made to asda . a must see. another great video from BOJproductions
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Original Asda prank call, Tesco is Cheaper featured in the sun newspaper

She got my dick so hard and then i did a sex wee South African comedy rulesz moneyballs2222 VIDEO HAS A VIRUS! illegal world record breaking unknown mystery click if you can handle it South African radio prankster reads out a message on the PA system in asda store UK- very funny! ft. Darren “Wackhead” Simpson “asda” prank HAPPY CHRISTMAS /xmas and NEW YEAR. Send an email link to anyone who has a sense of humour. sting

Prank Calls tesco

prank calls tesco

Reverend Billy UK Shopocalypse Tour – Liverpool Tesco Exorcism!

Reverend Billy exorcises the cash register of a Tesco (Britain’s Wal-Mart) on Bold Street in Liverpool UK. With him is the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir and our spontaneous congregation. Filmed by John Quilty on 5.28.09
Video Rating: 5 / 5

say sorry in tesco

fighting in tesco trying to make him say sorry

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