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exorcism of thailand

The Exorcism of Emily Rose… I mean thailand.
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SNAKE CHARMERS…A dying breed. easily recognizable by their scars from snake bites, or tombstones in the cemetery! I’ve shot several snake shows and this one in Thailand was the most dangerous. We all know that snakes are fast and unpredictable which made shooting the video quite challenging. PLEASE SHARE!
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Baby Snake: Copperhead Racer, Thailand (not baby Copperhead in Western USA)

Baby snake finds are the coolest. They have no idea how small they are. I avoid snake bite. This baby snake is a copperhead racer here in Thailand. It was trying to cross the road and I JUST missed this snake’s head with my front motorbike tire. I screeched to a stop and rescued him. He’s striking at me a lot. Great fun. Totally harmless little snake.

Thailand Snakes: Laotian Wolf Snake

Non venomous, beautiful black and yellow banded colorful snake from Thailand, but with origin in Laos apparently. Bites often, but not very accurately. These are nocturnal snakes and rather common. I’ve seen a live one close to my house at night, and a couple of dead ones on the side of the road here in Thailand. These snakes love small frogs primarily. I’m trying to get this one to eat the gecko I have in the tank. I also dropped some meal worms in there -but not sure he’s digging them. If you see this snake in Thailand be careful anyway. This one, the black and yellow mangrove snake, and the black and yellow banded krait snakes may all appear similar. You would NOT want to be bitten by either of the other two snakes. The krait is deadly. The mangrove snake bites deep and does have venom which you might have a severe reaction to. These snakes are small – under a meter. Lycodon laoensis
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Norway Spiral Now in Thailand


Thailand ghost park

a posible ghost kid underground

Mass UFO Sighting In Thailand!!! CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG!!! Here is a forgotten mass sighting from Thailand, video and all!!! For Daily UFO videos, subscribe to YourDailyUFO!!
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Coconut Shredding Dogs of Thailand

These dogs hate coconuts. Its crazy, these dogs spend hours tearing coconuts apart


deadly constrictor snake attacks thai boy

Thailand Floods : Help NOW : We are the world

A little change can change alot. Donate to help Flood victims 02 . 245. 0700 & RED CROSS Thailand

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