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Tanner Than Me feat. PrankvsPrank (Guido Love Song) Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me parody

Click here for FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD! If you liked it, please click here to tweet this video!: Behind the scenes!!: Please check out the people that made this possible!: JGramm – producer http PrankVSPrank – Guido couple Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. Tanner Than Me (A Guido Love Song) Spoof of Jersey Shore/Mike Posner Cooler Than Me Filmed at Seaside Heights, NJ Summer home of Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Vinny, The Situation, and Angelina. Lyrics: If I could fist pump witchu I’d make ya fall in love But I’m scared of your man cuz he got pretty big arms I gotta get to the gym, so that you leave him But you probably won’t because he’s tanner than me. You got that orange glow from from head to toe And it’s supplemented by some beta-carotene And you live at the shore, worship the sun hardcore And that’s probably why you both are tanner than me You got your high poof style on your head And you don’t even use a Bump-It You need a guido that’s pure Jersey-bred Not some douche from Illinois…Shh see? Forgive me for pointing it out But you should realize you need this Behind this bronzer I’m a child inside No, really, I’m at a fifth grade reading level. You think that’s cute, right?! Haha HEY! If I could fist pump witchu I’d make ya fall in love But I’m scared of your man cuz he got pretty big arms I gotta get to
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Solar Flares and Song For Che from the album Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard by Robert Wyatt
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Tutorial Pencil Trick is less than 30 seconds

Is a simple and easy pencil trick and here is an tutorial less of 30 seconds

Microsoft VS Apple – Why is Microsoft better than you?

A 10 minute Phone call (or prank call) asking the question “Why is Microsoft better than you?” (Apple’s Mac product in this case). Call it a Prank call if you wish… Credits: cppwhore

More Than Human Stunt driver Bobby Ore Parks Car at 90MPH

This is a segment from More Than Human on the Discovery Channel. Bobby Ore a professional stunt driver and driving instructor parallel parks a car at 90MPH while host John Pullum watches in amazement! This is just incredible. Wish they’d bring this show back on the air.
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Through the Wormhole – 02×08 – Travel Faster Than Light. 720p

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Telepathy Is Easier Than You Think

Some have proposed using quantum entanglement (the invisible umbilical cord that exists between objects) as a form of telepathy. But there are much more practical ways of achieving telepathy that already exist.
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A quantum computer can determine who wins a game faster than a classical comp…

Google Tech Talks April, 2 2008 ABSTRACT Imagine a game where two players go back and forth making moves and at the end of a fixed number of moves the position is either a win or a loss for the first player. In this case, if both players play best possible, it is determined at the first move who wins or loses. To figure out who will be the winner you need not look at all of the N final positions but only at N^0.753. I will show that with a quantum computer the exponent can be reduced to 0.5. The technique involves quantum scattering theory and illustrates how ideas from physics can be used to design quantum algorithms that outperform even best possible classical algorithms. Speaker: Edward Farhi Professor of Physics; Director, Center for Theoretical Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Interests: Edward Farhi was trained as a theoretical particle physicist but has also worked on astrophysics, general relativity, and the foundations of quantum mechanics. His present interest is the theory of quantum computation. As a graduate student, Farhi invented the jet variable “Thrust,” which is used to describe how particles in high energy accelerator collisions come out in collimated streams. He then worked with Leonard Susskind on grand unified theories with electro-weak dynamical symmetry breaking. He and Larry Abbott proposed an (almost viable) model in which quarks, leptons, and massive gauge bosons are composite. With Robert Jaffe, he worked out many of the
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Top 10 Animated Toys That are Cuter Than Zhu Zhu Pets

Don’t get your kids a lame old Zhu Zhu Pet for Christmas, get them a super awesome animated toy from instead! We’ve got singing, dancing, farting Santa dolls, singing chihuahuas, Rolling Laughing Monkeys and Dogs, Trash Talking Dolls, and a whole bunch more!
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“Fancy Neurosis” says you get fired more than 3 times a month

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