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The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982, Theatrical Trailer)

It’s a Christmas slasher, but the trailer doesn’t want you to know.

Paranormal Activity 2 Theatrical Trailer

People hovering over beds for hours while asleep, moving shadows across the floor — the unexplained, terrifyingly real supernatural forces are back, and this time, a baby and a dog become part of the nightmare as the camera rolls. Tod Williams (The Door in the Floor) directs and Michael R. Perry (“Persons Unknown”) writes this spine-chilling sequel to the wildly popular 2009 flick. Gabriel Liotta and Katie Featherston star.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SAVAGE (2010) THEATRICAL TRAILER – HD Genre Thriller Cast : Darren Healy , Nora-Jane Noone Written and Directed by : Brendan Muldowney Produced by : Conor Barry Plot: Finding himself the victim of an attack on the wrong side of the tracks of a crime-ridden city, Paul Graynor, (Darren Healy, Once, Layercake) a press photographer who works exploiting the tabloid news, finds himself the focus of it. He tries to come to terms with his attack, though the scars both psychological and physical — prove impossible to heal. This smart thriller in the vein of Taxi Driver and Straw Dogs depicts a man who is pushed to the edge and contemplates taking the next step. Release date: September 17th 2010
Video Rating: 5 / 5

MARWENCOL official theatrical trailer

A film by Jeff Malmberg
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Crop Circles Quest for Truth – Theatrical Feature Film

A FILM BY ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED DIRECTOR WILLIAM GAZECKI – Theatrical Feature Film – 115 mins. “There should be a Pulitzer Prize category specifically created so that filmmakes like Gazecki can be properly recognized.” – Roger Ebert “Original and objective, Filmaker William Gazecki is one of the finest documentaries of all time.” – Sundance Institute Signs indicate that some form of non-human intelligence is communication with us … What’s the message? Academy Award (R) nominated documentary filmmaker William Gazecki (Waco: “Rules of Engagement”) offers a compelling and provocative look at the mysterious phenomenon of Crop Circles. Full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circle researchers and scientists, Crop “Circles: Quest For Truth is a fascinating, in-depth exploration of prevailing theories about the origin and nature of Crop Circles and the possible implications for us and Planet Earth. An astonishing experience guaranteed to shift perspectives and alter perceptions of what is real. For more films like this go to


Dom (Jason Katz) is looking for a quick and easy way to meet girls. He walks into a local bar armed only with a one hundred bill and a plan courtesy of Vinny the pizza guy(Sal The Stockbroker). “Place the money under a girl’s barstool, ask if its her’s, when she says no ask her if she wants to go split it on a nice dinner somewhere” as Vinny explained it. Only if it was that simple. AS SEEN ON HOWARD STERN ONDEMAND AND MANY FILM FESTIVALS
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Spider-Man 3 FAN Theatrical Trailer

Hey guys, I know we’re due for a new theatrical trailer with Ghost Rider, so I decided to make one. Anyways I think it’s really good and I hope you enjoy it. In my opinion my best yet! **this is in no way related to Columbia pictures**
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Notorious Big LIFE AFTER DEATH THE MOVIE Theatrical Trailer

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Deepak Chopra – Life after Death

BLUE – Exclusive Movie Theatrical Trailer – Promo 2009 – HD

Blue is a forthcoming Bollywood film starring Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan. It is an action film that is centered around an underwater treasure guarded by 40 sharks. The film was written by American writers Joshua Lurie and Bryan M. Sullivan. Kylie Minogue makes a guest appearance in the film. The filming started in the summer of 2008. All the actors of the film have undergone deep-sea Scuba diving training in Bangkok.The underwater sequences for Blue were filmed at Bahamas in and around a real sunken ship at over 80 feet below the sea. Akshay Kumar, a certified deep sea diver, was injured while shooting for the film.

Terribly Happy – Official Theatrical Trailer

I love this film, it is just further proof that Danish people are clearly out of their minds. – Adam Yauch For more info and showtimes please visit Robert Hanson (Jakob Cedergren) is a Copenhagen police officer who, following a nervous breakdown, is transferred to a small provincial town to take on the mysteriously vacated Marshall position and subsequently gets mixed up with a married femme fatale. Roberts big city temperament makes it impossible for him to fit in, or understand the uncivilized, bizarre behavior displayed by the townspeople. Quickly spiraling downward into an intense fable reminiscent of the Coen Brothers BLOOD SIMPLE and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, TERRIBLY HAPPY displays a unique, often macabre vision of the darkest depths to which people will go to achieve a sense of security and belonging.

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