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Why companies should not have their call centres ovrseas 3/3

Indian telemarketer rings me up trying to sell me a holiday, I had nothing better to do so I decided to mess around with him for a bit, he even tried to ask me to steal my mums credit card details and give them to him over the phone, just check out how dodgy these guys are! I know its long and I had to cut it up into 3 parts but trust me its worth listening to the whole thing… me and my friends were cracking up over msn listening to it so enjoy!! plz watch and rate, thanks =]

Kids Get Eggs Slapped On Their Heads(Prank)

Facebook.: Twitter: Dailybooth: YouTube: do watcha gotta do… theherders decide to play some pranks on each other with raw eggs
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Betty White’s Off Their Rockers – Episode 5

This week, a woman insists that she’s a young girl’s long forgotten grandmother, a waitress runs out of everything – including good humor, and a man with a speed-monitoring radar gun reprimands walkers for going too fast. Other pranks include an unhappy mail carrier who decides to turn his duties over to someone else, and a stewardess determined to celebrate a girl’s birthday when it isn’t her special day. As star of the series, the delightful Betty White shares her comical pearls of wisdom and stars in engaging and funny sketches between the pranks.

What kids do when their parents take a nap.wmv

Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kid I ate all their halloween candy

my cats react to the news.

Kids describe their best pranks on April Fool’s Day

Second- and fourth-graders from JFK Elementary School in East Islip talk about the fun they’ve had on April Fool’s Day. Videojournalist: Meredith Daniels (March 27, 2012)
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PrankNET – Family Defends Their Hotel Room Against a Rapist 1/6 free fun video good college pranks

PrankNET – Family Defends Their Hotel Room Against a Rapist 1/6 free fun video good college pranks pranks for april fools day prank videos new video hotel, PrankNET, funny, jokes, celebrity, calls, funniest, best, pranks, phone, barber, shop, group, social, engineering, fire, alarm, hoax, false, simplex, pitts, ansul, kfc, koat, inc, tarik, malik, school, drill, pull, prank, stuff, crank, cool, wind, up, uk, joke, gas, leak, pizza, crime, pranku, ownagepranks, friday, night, cranks, university, bathtub, rick, roll
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Girls prank their father again!! See Updates on the next Funny prank video!

You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to prank their father real good. Their dad has been punked and he never saw this one coming. These kids were pretty clever to have played this prank on their dad without him being suspicious. Be sure to visit our main channel this friday evening to see the new prank video! Our main channel is Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: Royalty Free Music By Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 Be sure to check out our main channel as well called all4tubekids Contest video link
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the cruel jokes parents play on their kids

after a long hiatus from the camera, the people of 135 are back with future baby names. i feel sorry for my future children. its been a while since i broke the camera out. i do have a life, so dont judge me! (all of my 1 viewers)
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