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Ned calls Police Dept about there Helicopter Ride to get donuts

Ned calls Police Dept about there Helicopter Ride to get donuts

Pranking My Mom Over The Phone That There Is A Tornado!!

Amazing prank. I pranked my grandma on the phone that there is a tornado. i put up a tornado siren audio on youtube then plugged my ipod in my ipod speaker. She Actually believed us. There actually is a tornado warning

Helping Matt and Kyle out with there youtube videos

Helping them out to show some video scences of there video of prank kalls

How To Prank People – Shutting Down There Computer

How To Do What I Do On The Video 1. Create A New Shortcut On The Desktop 2. Type shutdown -s -t 120 -c “Your comment here” 3. Click Next 4. Type Internet Explorer 5. Click Next 6. Change The Shortcut Icon To The Internet Explorer Icon 7. Laugh Behind Your Friends Back When They Click On It!!! —————————————- To Download This Video Click The Link Below Give It Time To Load
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IT’S THERE! the SCILON Battle Star – SHOOTS BEAM AT the EARTH! Jan 1, 2012

AMAZING VIDEO – IT’S THERE – the SCI-LON BATTLE STAR – actually shoots a BEAM TOWARDS THE EARTH WITH A FORCE FIELD THAT ENGULFS THE EARTH! Thanks for bringing this to our attention TBar! MUST WATCH – MUST WATCH original video posted just today by TBar1984 Stereo HI2 Triangles Pyramids Meatballs Reflections Etc. BE SURE TO ‘LIKE’ SUBSCRIBE and SHARE my websites http

The Universe Season 1 Episode 1 Secrets of the Sun HD 1080p Part1 of 3 A look at how the Sun was formed and how it could potentially die; its physical composition; how it makes energy; and the nature of solar eclipses, solar flares and sunspot activity.
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V IN AND ON ALL NASA OLD LOGO’S =THE V REFLECTING TO EARTH =ASTEROID and the supergiants main sequence . all rights infinite reserved to all finds &THEORY =beanoblack llp, in the 50’s we did not have as good of veiw as now of the supergiants main sequence =visit picture gallery there are pictures in the photo gallery of it =the worm or the meatball nibiru many large in the supergiants main sequence and the sun is in it right now also many pages of my comments hold stats on the supergiants main sequence & l list info on names of all local stars and asteroids =keys on my channel off tube = my site ANOTHER X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have detected another strong flare from sunspot 1283. The X1.8-class event at 2238 UT on Sept. 7th produced a bright flash of extreme UV radiation and hurled an inky-dark plume of plasma into space. Click to view the movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: This is the third significant flare from sunspot 1283 since Sept. 6th. All three eruptions propelled CMEs in the general direction of Earth. Not one of the CMEs, however, will hit our planet squarely. Glancing blows from the three clouds will commence sometime on Sept. 9th and continue through Sept. 11th, possibly sparking minor geomagnetic storms. Solar flare alerts: text, voice. STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Sunspot 1283 is crackling with solar flares. Yesterday, Sept. 6th, the active region produced an M5.3-class eruption at 0150 UT followed by a X2.1-class event at 2220 UT. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this extreme UV flash from the X-flare: The flares produced waves of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere, briefly altering the propagation of low-frequency radio signals around our planet. Moreover, the two eruptions hurled clouds of plasma (CMEs) in our general direction. A preliminary analysis of SOHO and STEREO imagery suggests that the CMEs could sail substantially north of
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Rickey Smiley (is my daddy over there?)

another prank call by Rickey Smiley

Tricking Little Kids (Thinking There in a glitch) in Call of Duty World At War (5)

We trick some little kid , he thinks he’s in a glitch.LOL
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Prank Phone Call – Is my Daddy Over There?

Funny prank call to ladys houe, they want some milk…

Stick Your Hand in There Dude

DANIELSWOODLAND.COM The Tree House Guys know how to make “Real Fake Fire” using lights and steam. We have a lot of fun playing pranks on people with it.
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