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Angry Dad prank- Funniest thing ever!

Go to and get 3 free pranks a day!
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ady leroy dealerman sexy thing

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Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had” Official Music Video Parody by @MrGrind

Beyonce Best I never had Parody This Comedy starring Mr. Grind is a about females & all of their Fakeness from Hair, to Booty Pads. Be sure to leave us feedback letting us know your favorite parts. Mr. Grind’s Comedy Productions part Parody of @makeupd0ll make sure to subscribe to her channel Follow us on Twitter
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how to make a really annoying virus/prank thing

This video will tell you how to make a really annoying virus/prank thingy.
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Kid pranks his sister. funniest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid pushes his sister into a swimming pool and she thinks the video is to see if the camera is working!!!!!!! LOL
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Undeniably most random thing eva!!!

You cannot deny that this is officially more random than you are

Hilarious thing to do to someone asleep! :)

Friend pours water on friend sleeping & friend freaks out!
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YOU SEXY THING (lip sing) – Original Video 1/7/08

FACEBOOK: This is ONE of the about 15 videos me and my friend did in 2008! It was called A&Dvideos It got hacked and was then deleted! They also hacked our myspace, But we got that back! So anyways this is the only video I had saved. Cause my computer crashed, and this one was on my psp!! Thankfully! So we hope you like it! 😀 Rate Comment and Favorite!! TWITTER: We had to reupload this video because the music was off.. lol sorry people! Anyways we hope you like the video! The original video after 3 months had 310 video views 3 comments 7 ratings and thats about it.. lol lets see if we can beat that Rate 5 and Subscribe and comment of course!

Funniest Thing Ever – Hilarious Funniest Thing Ever – Hilarious . An old lady hits a car with her bag and manages to trigger the airbag and hit the driver . Funniest Thing Ever – Hilarious g . If you watch this clip please rate it and add a comment .
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The most amazing thing you’ll ever see

hi regular people and people who spend their lives on the tube and have no life

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