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This guy knows it’s a prank call but goes with it anyway

**CLICK HERE TO GET the APP!~ First EVER prank call made using Iphone App PRANKSTERZ …awesome

This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius? (explicit)

Is it? Not really… but the song kicks ass, as does the play it originated from… HAIR. Groover answers a couple of questions, in the usual disturbing fashion. Forthose of you who heard the rumblings, the TIME IS NOW… FURRY FURY is now a reality! Me and my good buddy Fenway have our own uncensored podcast! We recently put up a 10 minute preview episode… give you a taste of what this show is all about! I mentioned this on my myspace blog, sent a recent bulletin… Fridays, 11AM! Check out our website link at for more details… FURRY FURY!!! It is also on my myspace page at Click on the link that says “new to talkshoe”, follow the instructions! When I say uncensored, I MEAN ANYTHING GOES! Since I am a lazy no good sock, I came up with another concept to make videomaking easier for me. The last time I did this, with Dear Angry… it was more successful than I could have ever hoped. My idea is simple, if there is a song you would like myself, Krista or Groover (or any combination)to sing… write me a letter titled ANGRY BLUE JUKEBOX and tell me what you want me to hear… can’t promise I will be able to find it online in karaoke format, but I will do my best to accomodate your request. DEAR ANGRY IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKIN’! Reminder: the only questions that I will read for Dear Angry are ones that are submitted to me privately. I will answer all questions sent to me thru comments… but only as a comment response. For those of
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GASS MASTER (YOUNGEST FREESTYLEST SPITIN LIKE THIS) wayne,drake,jayz,eminem,wiz,e40,…………

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Some People Are Born Awesome like this

Ladies, this is my revenge (Part I)

My sister and her friend took videos on my laptop while I was away. Now I’m putting them on YouTube. Ha.

RELEASED! Try and watch this without laughing

Who can resist McDonalds fast food? How about FREE McDonald’s? We have a free offer at : This is one of those moments where you have a camera and your brother does something stupid which you happen to record. Go check out my comedy channel… It is called: Flungedemon. Also, please like this video just to help it get noticed so other people can witness the funny epic fail…
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This Is How We’re Jewish – Keith From Up Da Block (parody)

This Is How We’re Jewish – Keith From Up Da Block Only Keith From Up Da Block has the chutzpah to jack Montell Jordan’s classic and create this hilarious Hebrew holiday extravaganza! This guy’s got balls, matzoh-size balls, and in 2009 you best believe Keith is gettin’ that cream cheese. For all the Jewish folks out there, this is everything you learned in Hebrew School captured in one song. For everyone else, come along for the ride and youll be screaming Mazel Tov in no time! We got Jewish celebs galore and the best Bar Mitzvah dancing since Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please subscribe to our You Tube channel and enjoy musical parody from the man who calls himself Weird Al Gangstavich! Remember: Keith is not a Jew, but he is Jew-ish. –Shecky Green, Executive Producer ————————————– “This Is How We’re Jewish” is available online now! Check out the “American Prankster” CD by Keith From Up Da Block on: I Tunes Keith’s You Tube: Keith’s My Space: Keith’s Official Website: For Keith bookings and business inquiries, contact: Executive Producer: Shecky Green for Game Recordings Produced by: DJ Mighty Mi for Well Done Burger Productions All songs written by: Keith From Up Da Block ————————————– “This Is How We’re Jewish” This is how we’re Jewish (this is how we’re Jewish) Hava Nagila! (this is how we’re
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Look At This On a Segway

Check out the official Look At This T-Shirt! Don’t just look at it! Thanks to Jack Vale for filming this video, check out his channel here: Also check out Shay Carls video of us on a Segway!
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dont watch this eps3

3rd episode of our dont watch this series we decided to take gumby off to the beach and mcdonalds and ya alot of fun enjoy comment rate subscribe and leave your dares and questions below

This is what All Time Low does when Alex Gaskarth is off having an anxiety attack.

honestly,at the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour show in milwaukee on May 16th 2009, alex gaskarth from all time low ran off stage and had an anxiety attack out of nowhere. this is what the other guys did while he was doing thaat.
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