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When Emma Thompson Pretended To Be Jane Austen

Emma Thompson’s win for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes (1995). Instead of speaking as herself, she read a speech from the point of view of Jane Austen, and what Jane might have thought if she’d attended. This is one of my favourite things. Full speech is as follows (with my sincere thanks to futurefighter2008 for transcribing it): Thank you very much. Good Heavens. Um, I can’t thank you enough, Hollywood Foreign Press, for honouring me in this capacity. I don’t wish to burden you with my debts, which are heavy and numerous but, um, I think that everybody involved in the making of this film knows that we owe all our pride and all our joy to the genius of Jane Austen. And, um, it occurred to me to wonder how she would react to an evening like this… This is what I came up with. Four am, having just returned from an evening at the Golden Spheres, which despite the inconveniences of heat, noise and overcrowding was not without its pleasures. Thankfully, there were no dogs and no children. The gowns were middling. There was a good deal of shouting and behaviour verging on the profligate, however, people were very free with their compliments and I made several new acquaintances. Here was Lindsay Doran of Mirage, wherever that might be, who’s largely responsible for my presence here, an enchanting companion about whom too much good cannot be said. Mr. Ang Lee, of foreign extraction, who most unexpectedly appeared to understand me better than I understand myself. Mr
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