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Trey Songz Performs “Love Faces” & Neighbors Know My Name” – OMG Tour 2010 – Atlanta, Ga – 12/5/10

Trey Songz performing “Love Faces” & “Neighbors Know My Name”. He gets all the ladies…young and WELL SEASONED!!! Watch what he does to his shirt and gives to the woman in the front!! Go Girl!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music Cheat Sheet – Tour Cheat Sheet: Heejun Han ‘American Idol’ Interview

HEEJUN HAN TOUR CHEAT SHEET: We talked with American Idol Heejun Han at Summer Tour rehearsals about his good luck charms, hidden talents, his favorite pump up song and more! Hosted by: Misty Kingma
Video Rating: 4 / 5


VICTORIOUS star Avan Jogia takes POPSTAR! readers on an exclusive tour of the KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS! In Part 2, check out all the action as Avan hits the orange carpet with his Nick friends! Read more at http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hidden Camera Fun with a Warner Brothers Tour

A group of unsuspecting people took a Warner Brothers tour… and had no idea they were walking into one of Ellen’s hidden camera pranks! Their tour guide was wearing an earpiece and could only say what Ellen told him to say!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Guy prank abducted from a college tour

The funniest thing about this is that no one seems to care…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

IWCCDD ~ Another Very Random Tour Of Barry

Insane Wayne Crazy Christiano IWCCDD Production

Tour of Gtwy’s US East Survival Server (Bonus: Herobrine Haunts MorikWilder!)

This video started as Van and I screwing with MorikWilder using diamondore and cuboids… but he jumped onto vent after realizing we pranked him. I decided to do a little interview with the victim and this video turned into a full feature tour of our server. To put things in perspective, the last map wipe was the morning of Saturday, Jan 30. So, everything you see in this video has been built within the last two weeks. Server:

Ruby Rose makes Debut as RED JESSIE J on TOUR

I toured with JESSIE J this month and for the final show we pranked the band.. I felt like a red power ranger Jessie J .. Love this woman.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tour date:Jonas brother Love story!Chapter6

Vo= voice over ——— [Kevin was sitting alone on the bus. Nick and Kasey were in the hotel hanging out pulling pranks on people. Diana walked over to to Kevin.] Diana: You should be happy I’m coming on tour with you guys Kevin: does it look like I’m happy? Diana: maybe you need more of a reason [she sat on his lap again kissing him. He tyred to push her off but she had a grip. Then the bus door opened] Marie: Kevin i need to talk to … (thought it was Lexi didn’t you. Not yet she can’t find out yet!) Marie: Not again. That’s it Kevin you’ve ruined my relationship with Joe and now your relationship with Lexi is over! Kevin: no wait! [He pushed Diana off marie ran out of the bus. He turned to Diana.] Kevin: How could you do this. Lexi is your sister I love her and she loves me! Diana: because Lexi got everything. besides the only thing I’m good at in life is ruining others lives! Kevin: So if your sister your own Blood is happy you have to ruin her life!She is your SISTER! I WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO MY BROTHERS! THEY ARE MY BROTHERS THE ONLY THING I’VE GOT AND THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE YOUR LOSING IT AREN’T YOU. YOU’RE AFRIAD THAT THE ONLY PERSON WHO GAVE YOU A CHANCE IN LIFE IS MOVING ON! [Diana stayed silent because she knew he was right.] [ back outside Marie found Lexi.] Marie: he is cheating on you! Lexi: what? Marie: Kevin is cheating on you I caught him with Diana. at first i thought it was just Diana but now i don’t know what to believe! I thought I saw him kiss

Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance @ I Am Still Music Tour (Bank Atlantic Center) free fun

Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance @ I Am Still Music Tour (Bank Atlantic Center) free fun video college prank wars pranks ideas good april fool jokes hot stripping new video Nicki, Minaj, Lil, Wayne, lap, dance, Am, Still, Music, Tour, Sunrise, Florida, Miami, Broward, Bank, Atlantic, Center, World, Star, Hip, Hop, lilwayne, nickiminaj

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