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Booby Trap A Mop!!!!!

Facebook Giveaway begins when I get 10000 Likes- LIKE ME- Follow Me On Twitter- 2nd Channel – Other Channel Follow these simple steps and turn a MOP into a funny prank, This is harmless yet funny Practical joke, Great for April Fools

How To Make a Mouse Trap Noise Maker!!!

It this video Im gonna show you how to make the snapping sound of a mouse trap even louder! just watch and find out how!

Prank war booby trap #3 part 1

Gelatin in a toilet

Best Prank Ever – The Mouse Trap

Can we say, “NO WAY”! This prank is priceless.
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Girlfriend Mouse Trap Prank

Now the real question is: what did homeboy to make her pull a stunt like this? Prankster – Bringing you the best pranks on YouTube
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Money trap

Pulling pranks on people

Mouse Trap Floor Of Hell

Intard Ringwald pays the price for being pussywhipped
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Office Prank Mouse Trap Monitor from Cubicle Warfare

Best office College Prank ever Monitor Trap: Difficulty level 5 1)Cut a metal coat hanger, and bend it into shap 2)use cardboard to construct the launching platform for the paper hole punches 3)Fasten the mousetrap to the back of the monitor and then tie the fishing line to the mouse cord. 4)Delicately pour a small pile of paper hole punches onto the platform. 1 of 100’s of illustrated pranks found in the book!
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Air Horn Trap Prank

In honor of Ryan Dunn, I pull one of his clever pranks. An airhorn is booby-trapped to go off when the refrigerator is opened. Facebook: Twitter:
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