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Watch where you put MOUSE TRAPS!!!!!!

We caught a BIG one this time!!!!!!

Rat traps, Marbles and towed truck = Funny Prank!

Watch as this girl Pranks her boyfriend into thinking his truck is towed, wait till he gets the slipperry suprise!
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Around the traps at Malmo – Malmo, United States (living in malmo sweden, life in malmo sweden)

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Malmo, United States by TravelPod blogger Technotrekker. See this TripWow and more at Around the traps at Malmo “In hindsight it was good fortune that I’ve ended up having to head to Copenhagen in order to continue my travels, as opposed to finishing my northern winter leg in Stockholm. Why? Because although I was in the Malmo neighbourhood last year I didn’t drop by on another work colleague and good drinking buddy – Goran the Terrible. So this time I did and despite the winter weather and thick fog that descended across the region as I headed south on the Swebus, it was a great short stay that I have to thank him profusely for. The next time I come back, and I will, it shall be in summer when some truly beautiful landscape and natural attractions can be enjoyed to their fullest. Watch out mate! Malmo is at the extreme south of Sweden, facing Denmark across a pretty narrow stretch of water that separates the Baltic and North Seas. No doubt a busy waterway both past and present. To survey the local sights, we initially headed through rolling and frost-blasted farmlands to the high ground where the 59 megaliths of Ales Stenar lay in wait. This is a bizarre place sitting atop one of the higher points on the southern coastline. It also another example of how clever the ancient people of the world were. Intended mainly to resemble a large and frightening boat when viewed from the surrounding waters, it
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Real Ghost Girl In Hotel Traps Ghostbuster (Paranormal Activity)

Ghost girl caught on video at closed 5 star hotel. Paranormal activity when a speedy pajama wearing ghost girl causes havoc forcing closure. Ghost buster gets a serve from this very savvy ghost. My first job as a paranormal investigator was a epic fail. Hotel Location : geo:lat=-33.87617893221377 geo:lon=151.24331295490265 Using new compact EMF meter which works really well. Warning very scary content, paranormal activity. Never go ghost hunting by yourself it can be very dangerous. Web Links :

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