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Tricks not treats for Halloween! (Scary Pelosi version)

Watch how the lady at the end freaks out because of the air compressor! This is the Scary Pelosi version!

Pet Gifts, Toys, Treats for the Holidays!

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Jack Russell barking or talking until you play with him or give him treats

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How to Train a Dog to Take Treats Nicely –

Subscribe for more dog training tips or go to for more online dog training help. This video will help you teach a dog to take treats more gentle. For information on adopting Charlotte go to the “trained dogs for adoption” section on our website.

Conservative Annie – No treats from Obama, Pelosi, Vick, Osama

Smart dogs don’t take treats from just anyone
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Smart cute Maltese dog gets treats out of a water bottle

My Maltese dog learned to get the treats out of a water bottle by turning the bottle upside down all by herself!
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City treats victim as criminal part 3 of 4

watch all 4 parts to hear the whole conversation between James Ludt and Mike Damiano, at Mike Damiano’s office. This recording is legal since one person in the conversation, was part of the conversation. No warrant was necessary. In this whole conversation Damiano, “dumb ass'”, as Ludt calls him, spills his beans, that Mike is not the one really doing this, and more importantly, states the VIOLATION is what Ludt said, NOT that he used his building………….YOU DECIDE……….Ludt was slandering these people like that……If you take a look at the City of Youngstown…….you will see, the City did NOT HAVE ANY STANDARD that James Ludt was VIOLATING…..Mike Damiano shows his personal anger towards Ludt……..”You will be libel for your slander”……mmmmmmmmmm…….
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Eating Dog Treats!

so zoey and marley got these treats from one of my awesome viewers… we thought we should taste test them first! lol stalk me:

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