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MW3 PRANKS!! #1 – Clan trial Hilarity!

Leave your prank ideas in the comments below and i will do them in the next episode!!! 😀 tags:”Practical Joke” Clan Trial mw3 mw3 prank funny mw3 series kevin how to annoy people how to annoy people in mw3 Comedy Fun Laugh Humor Jokes Humour Hilarious Laughs lol xbox gameplay mw3 jokes funny mw3 mw3 funny idiots
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Jet Car Stunts – iPhone – Time Trial Mode

Jet Car Stunts by True Axis. We release a Platforming level playthough video earlier. This time are showing one lap from one of the more difficult time trial levels. Game Available Now
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Conrad Murray Trial Analysis– 6 Reasons That May Confirm a DEATH HOAX

Something was just not right in the case of People VS Conrad Murray. There are six reasons why I believe that the trial confirms that this situation is a DEATH HOAX. Reason 1: WRONG DATES–Why can’t the court get any IMPORTANT dates right? Why are there typos and incorrect dates EVERYWHERE in this trial? Reason 2: CORRECT COURT PROCEDURES–What is the correct procedure when it comes to the way a verdict is read? Why did Judge Michael Pastor not follow the procedures done as in other trials? Can a Juror correct a mistake on his/her own? Reason 3: RISING IN COURT–What is common when it comes to reading the verdict in a trial. Isn’t the defendant suppossed to STAND UP?!?!? Reason 4: NAMES-What is Michael Jackson’s middle name? Is it Joseph or JOE? Well evidence suggests that his middle name is Joe as it is explained in Jermaine Jackson’s current book “You Are Not Alone- Through a Brother’s Eyes”. There is other proof that his middle name is JOE as well. If the court has an incorrection in a trial, the verdict is liable to be tossed out!!! Reason 5: HANDCUFF PROCEDURE–What is the correct procedure when handcuffing a prisoner or convicted felon? Should they be in a seated position or standing? Reason 6: PHOTOSHOPPED AUTOPSY PHOTO–Despite other visual reasons why the autopsy photo is a clear fake, there is also a confirmation from a computer program that the AUTOPSY PHOTO IS A FAKE. Decide for yourselves. I have done extensive research for over a period of two years. Despite

Casey Anthony: Trial to be Scheduled for Check Fraud Case Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby interview with FOX-WOFL reporter Holly Bristow about the significance of Casey Anthony’s check fraud case being scheduled before her murder trial.
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Blink on Crime -Casey Anthony, Masons Mock Trial after Caylee’s Recovery

Blink on Crime – Masons Mock Trial after Caylee’s Recovery
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Casey Anthony trial analysis-talk 6-18-11( from today !!!).flv

Lawyers richard hornsby ann whitney boan on wesh 2 please use some clips of reference ( that is my only complain- thank you) via WESH2 6-18-11 fair use –

Blink on Crime – Casey Anthony, Mason Mock Trial Without Remains

Blink on Crime – Casey Anthony Trial 1

Casey Anthony: Casey On Trial Recap! 5/21/11 – UPDATED

Added 12:31 PM EDT For the upcoming murder trial, all of the in-county subpoenas have been delivered, for a total of 268. Of those, 134 served on behalf of the state, 104 on behalf of the defense. Added 11:08 AM EDT SEATING CHART FOR THE COURTROOM Casey On Trial Ninth District Courtroom 23
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Casey Anthony Trial Cancelled???

Orange County Court budget issues and expenses discussed.
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Casey Anthony Trial – Gas Questioning (FUNNY)

Just a funny version, compilation of the questioning concerning gas, and also the REAL facial expressions of Ms. Anthony. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus

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