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Tutorial Making Simple Binder Include Virus

Tutorial Making Simple Binder Include Virus

Tutorial: Deal with Harassment/Stalking/Fair Gaming

MORE INFO AT: This video is not designed to ratchet up your paranoia. It is designed to give you the tools you need should you unfortunately become the target of the fair game policy or any other stalking behavior for that matter. Dealing With Fair Game Targeting. 1)Stay calm and focused. Do not become enraged or abusive. THINK about what you are doing. It’s not even personal to OSA or a PI–its’ business as usual. 2)Research the stalking and harassment laws in your area. Most local domestic abuse agencies will be able to give you comprehensive resources on how to deal with this such as restraining orders, peace bonds, area restrictions and criminal charges. 3)Cameras, cameras cameras. 4)Document. Document. Document. Document all stalking, bullying behavior, prank phone calls or other unwarranted and unlawful behavior. Note the: Date, Time Witnesses including the police if you have called them. Nature of the actions. Do NOT speculate. Only facts. Example: “He was angry” is NOT factual. ‘His face was red and he screamed, “you are a jerk”‘ IS factual. Keep a notebook with you that has glued pages. Do not rip any pages out—make corrections by crossing out. You want this to stand up in court. 5)Publicly post the photo/video of anyone who is stalking you. 6)Research whether Private Investigators in your area require licensing. 7)Find out whether PI’s are required by law in your area, to produce their license upon request. 8)If so, report harassment to
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Block any site easily with a batch file. Fixing tutorial included.

Download my blocksite batch file here: Sorry for bad quality Will upload better one soon
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Tutorial 2 – How to make a batch “virus”

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a batch prank virus which will shutdown the victims computer…. The code: @echo off shutdown -s -t 60 -c “The computer will be closed. BTW: You suck…” exit Also, visit our website: ——————————————————————————————————————– In acest tutorial, vei invata cum sa faci un fisier batch farsa care va opri calculatorul victimei… Codul @echo off shutdown -s -t 60 -c “Calculatorul va fi oprit. Apropo: esti fraier…” exit De asemenea, vizitati situl nostru:
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Learning Batch, Tutorial one: Shutdown prank and how to stop it

Thanks you for watching this video, the download link for my tutorial is Code: @echo off color 04 echo WARNING VIRUS DETECTED!!! echo DELETE? Y/N? pause shutdown.exe /s /t 30 /c “HAHA You fell for it” Instructions: -Shortcut 1. Right click you desktop, new-shortcut 2. Type in shutdown.exe /s /t 30 /c ” Your message here’ 3. Click next 4. Type in the name of the thing you want to disguise it as 5. Click finish 6. Right click the shortcut properties-change icon 7. Press browse to find your file or find the icon in the given pictures 8. Press ok 9. Press apply 10. Press ok -Batch file 1. Open notepad 2. Type @echo off color 04 echo VIRUS DETECTED DELETE? echo Y/N? pause shutdown.exe /s /t 10 /c “Your message here 3. File-Save as 4. Yourfilename.bat, all file type, ANSI coding 5. Click save To hide it and then disguise it… 1. Put it somewhere like the %TEMP% folder 2. Right click send to-Desktop 3. Follow steps 6-10 on the shortcut tutorial Abort: shutdown.exe /a Extra Tags: : WORD A a Supercalifridicespialidocias TOP :TOP BOTTOME BOTTOM :BOTTOM GOTO :WORD Help computer tag tags how to and style HD HD Hypercam hyper cam 3 three batch file commands technology notepad laptop Batch File Tutorial, Episode Three: The GOTO Command 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 000 0 0 00 001 002 003 turtlebeach turtle beach PX PX 21 PX21 X21 P21 headset head set 1364 x 768 px px AVI AVI AV IA VI AI VA Video Codec Videocodec MS Video ms_Video Audio codec AudioCodec PCM PCM PC M PM CM

Visual Basic 2010 & 2008 Tutorial: Maze mit mehreren Levels und icon erstellen und einfügen Deutsch

In diesem Video geht es darum, wie man mit Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 oder 2010 ein Spiel namens Maze programmiert. Das Spiel verfügt über mehrere Levels, wobei jedes Level unterschiedlich schwer ist. Weiterhin wird in diesem Video gezeigt, wie man ein Icon für sein Programm macht und dieses dann auch hinterlegt. Hier könnt ihr die von mir schon fertig programmierte Version downloaden (Einfach oben rechts auf ‘Werbung überspringen’ klicken)
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Fake Virus Tutorial

A easy fake virus tutorial. You must type this Shutdown -s -t 9787 -c “Write anything here” Thats it, make sure the number isnt that high, cos if you put like 9999999999 it wont work, its gotta be moderate but not high. It sure is very handy, because one night i was downloading a movie which was over 800mg in size and it would take just a bit over 3 hours. This was at like 10pm, i couldnt wait till it finished so i setup a timer just so it would be enough so it can countdown as well as finish the downloading and than switch off the computer. And so i just set a icon up, clicked it than went to bed. There is many other reasons why you can have this icon system for too. Songs “Wizards of winter” by trans siberian orchestra “final Countdown” by Europe “Bill and teds excellent adventure themes”

Tutorial : Make A CD Tray Prank In Vb6

This is a funny little prank i did on one of my friends so i made a tutorial on how to do it. Module Code Declare Function mciSendString Lib “winmm.dll” Alias _ “mciSendStringA” (ByVal lpstrCommand As String, ByVal _ lpstrReturnString As String, ByVal uReturnLength As Long, _ ByVal hwndCallback As Long) As Long Form1 Code retvalue = mciSendString(“set Cdaudio door open”, returnstring, 127, 0) Form 2 Code retvalue = mciSendString(“set Cdaudio door closed”, returnstring, 127, 0) Form1 Timer Code Unload Me Form2.Show Form2 Timer Code Unload Me Form1.Show Both Timer Intervals Are 2000 (2 seconds)
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Batch Tutorial #1 Basic Commands.wmv

Sup everyone? Ok heres the sitrap. I know how to code in batch. You dont. Thats why your watching this. Basic info? Code in notepad. It’s easy. Save as a .bat file. It works. I recording all my tutorial with Quick screen recorder – Watch my other video on how to get it for free 😛 All music in this video belongs to Ultra Records, I do not own any rights of this music, and it is mearly background music. Part #1: Basic commands; Turning echo off, title, Display info, and clearscreen
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