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Twins People Pranks (LOL)

Very Funny Pranks With People See and LOL

Siamese Twins Zemok Meets Sunshine 1993

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British woman pregant with conjoined twins, a baby with 2 heads

A woman pregnant with a rare form of conjoined twins plans to press ahead with the pregnancy. Mother-to-be Lisa Chamberlain had a scan last week which showed her embryo had two heads and one body – making them dicephalus twins. Leading experts said the twins’ chances of survival are exceedingly slim at best and advised termination. But the 25-year-old from Portsmouth is reported to be a staunch Catholic who is opposed to abortion. Ms Chamberlain decided against this after talking over the matter with partner Mike Pedace, 32.
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The Sims 2 – Male Teen giving birth to twins

A male teen in the sims 2 giving birth to twins. Please rate and leave a comment. Message me your comments and check out my other videos. Many people have been saying that this video is a fake – IT IS NOT A FAKE. You can download things called hacks or mods for The Sims 2 and they change stuff in your game. I downloaded one that allowed teens to get pregnant – the reason he sounds like an adult male is because Maxis didn’t make sounds for teens giving birth so the adult sounds are used instead. The clothes are downloaded and if you pay attention you see it’s the same shape as the baggy shirt and trousers in the original male teen clothes because it’s taken from that but it’s just been edited(that’s how people make clothes etc). All it is in this video is a male teen in The Sims 2 wearing custom clothes, getting pregnant and giving birth using a hack, and that is it.
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Conjoined twins, Faith and Hope, born to teenager

A woman has given birth to conjoined twins by Caesarean section. Laura Williams, 18, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, gave birth to the girls, named Faith and Hope, at University College Hospital, London. They are believed to be joined from their breastbone to their navel but have separate hearts. A family spokesman said things were looking “fairly positive” for the girls, who have since been moved to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. Conjoined twins are rare and figures range from one in about every 200000 births to one in about 400000 live births. –

Twins With One Body, Two Heads Born

Indonesia’s state news agency said that conjoined twins have been born in a single body with two heads at a hospital in Riau province in western Indonesia. (July 26)
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World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins

My firt vid, hope I do it right
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Hamish and Andy, Conjoined Twins Part 1 .

The top – rating radio team in Australia, were challengd by a listener to become conjoined after saying that it wasnt as hard it looked . This is some footage from theyre week shown on Rove Live .
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Four-Year-Old Conjoined Twins Separation

Kendra Deene Herrin and Maliyah Mae Herrin, (born February 26, 2002), are former conjoined twins. They were separated in August 2006. They were the first set of conjoined twins to be separated to share a kidney. Kendra retained their shared kidney following the separation surgery, while Maliyah Herrin underwent dialysis until she was transplanted with a kidney donated by her mother in April 2007. Prior to the separation surgery, medical ethicists in the United States and in Europe discussed whether it was ethical to separate the twins because of the additional risk to Maliyah. Their family and doctors believed separation surgery would give both girls their best chance to live a normal life. The Herrin twins were approximately four and a half years old when they were separated in an operation that began at 7 am on Monday, August 7, 2006, lasted nearly 18 hours, and involved six surgeons. Surgery then continued on the girls in two separate operations lasting up to eight more hours into the morning of August 8th. The twins went home from hospital to their family on September 17, 2006. Kendra retained the single kidney which the twins had shared. Maliyah immediately began hemodialysis, which continued until April 3, 2007, when she was transplanted with a kidney donated by her 26-year-old mother, Erin. Maliyah was reported to be doing well following the transplant, as was her mother. Video by NBC Information by Wikipedia
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Conjoined twins, Emma and Taylor Bailey

From the desk of “Debbie Reynolds”, Honorary Chairperson: @: Dear Friends, The OneHeart Umbrella Campaign is a fundraising effort launched by the Broadway Palm Theater in Mesa, Arizona dedicated to helping “Emma and Taylor Bailey” and the “Two Sisters One Heart Foundation”. Emma and Taylor Bailey are two beautiful little girls who were born as “conjoined twins”. They share one heart. They are in urgent need of medical attention. Their heart is failing. Ours won’t. When I heard that the Broadway Palm Theatre has dedicated their current production of “Singin’ in the Rain” to this effort I was delighted to offer my services as Honorary Chairperson for the “OneHeart Umbrella Campaign”. It has been gratifying, humbling, and truly moving to see how many celebrities and others have stepped forward to help these girls and the Two Sisters One Heart Foundation a nonprofit organization created to help the Baileys and other families facing similar medical, financial and emotional challenges. The OneHeart Umbrella Campaign has asked both celebrities and non-celebrities alike to help. PERSONALIZED & AUTOGRAPHED UMBRELLAS have been generously donated by stars of film, television, sports, and theater. They will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds will benefit the “Two Sisters One Heart Foundation”. The first star we approached was Kathie Lee Gifford who immediately opened her heart and said yes. She also graciously enlisted other celebrities, who were
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