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American Unboxing Prank SHOCKING & SCARY

Warning! This video captures me getting caught by a nasty unboxing prank done by an American youtuber who decided to send me more than I ever expected. Do not attempt this unless you understand revenge is a dish best served cold. Would make for a excellent Halloween prank! Practical jokes or pranks are typically lighthearted, reversible or non-permanent, and aim to make the victim feel foolish or victimized to a certain degree. Yes this is how I felt! I investigate how this prank was set up so we can all understand just how simple it is. The fail reel shows just how careful you need to be in setting up such a prank. Mr prankster is here : Web Links :
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Call of Duty World at War unboxing

Call of Duty world at war unboxing

Prank Place Unboxing

Created on August 18, 2011 using FlipShare.
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night moves 5 unboxing

new night moves 5, grind machine , thick lube, and strings

Samsung T301g unboxing

A unboxing of my new phone
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Playstation pspgo Unboxing and a Treat

So heres my take and initial thoughts on the psp go system by Sony. Theres a couple more videos coming so I’ll have more to say about the system itself but for the most part, I love its small size and really clean/crisp screen. As far as the giveaway goes, you know what to do. Be a subscriber, comment with the N- before your comment and don’t get the spam block by YouTube from commenting so many times back to back. Forthose who want to follow me on twitter and get any inside info, follow me here: For those that want to be made aware when I start a BlogTV, Go here: and subscribe to me in the middle of the page for SMS text or twitter for show starting announcements.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Transformers Rubik’s Cube Unboxing and Review

A video created by Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh What? Productions unboxing and reviewing a Transformers Cube Joe Cruso got for Christmas. Da song is Can You Feel It? by David Crowder Band.

At the San Diego Science Festival on March 27, 2010, nearly 50 local schools competed in the first ever You CAN Do The Rubik’s Cube tournament! The preliminaries were held at UCSD and the finals were at PETCO Park. Vista Magnet Middle School and Canyon Crest Academy were the winning teams. Go to to find a tournament near you!

6 Color Da Yan GuHong & LingYun Unboxing

GuHong from amazon: My Twitter: In this video I unbox a six color Da Yan GuHong and a transparent Da Yan III LingYun. Both puzzles were purchased from Are you as happy as I am that all is good between Da Yan and Verdes?!
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Rubik’s Touch Cube Unboxing from Techno Source

Click here to buy: In this video I un-box my Rubik’s Touch Cube from Techno Source. It’s cool. After some practice it takes me about a min and a half to solve. Where as a normal cube takes me under 30 seconds. In future videos I’ll have my first ever solve, and then I’ll give it a full review. Stay Tuned!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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