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prank call ztr7 (wait until end)

sorry eric

Kamikaze Comedy: Waitress Pranks Diners Until They Flip Her Off! –

In this episode of Kamikaze Comedy, comedian Shayma Tash poses as a waitress and pranks unsuspecting diners at a restaurant by making them listen to her tell jokes and explaining to them that they can’t have potstickers because the cook smoked them. A original.
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Media has until morning to respond – Casey Anthony Case – Attorney Diana Tennis

Media has until morning to respond – Casey Anthony Case – Attorney Diana Tennis Learn more about Diana Tennis at

Casey Anthony: Jury Selection Day 8 – 5/18/11 Part 7 Recess Until Thursday

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Judge delays Casey Anthony’s deposition until October 8th — Casey Anthony won’t be required to give sworn Deposition in the Civil suit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez – either from jail before her release or on Tuesday as originally planned. New judge Lisa Munyon held a hearing late Friday and granted Casey’s request for a Protective order. A new Deposition date has now been set for October 8th. – is the #1 Casey Anthony Fan site – celebrating the innocence, freedom and total awesomeness of Casey Anthony — Haters are losers. WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!!

Guilty until proven Innocent — justice in America

In light of high-profile criminal cases headlining America’s TV screens – the Casey Anthony trial and the DSK case — RT takes a look at the ties between the US criminal justice system, the media and the court of public opinion. If you thought they were independent of one another — think again. Innocent until proven guilty — it’s a hallmark principle of the American justice system, which is lately often shoved aside. This starts with the vigor of some of the arrests. “Young African black and brown subjects being shot down on the street. In an obsessive kind of way. Fifty shots, sixty shots, lying on our stomach, in our back, as we flee — run or walk” says M1 from rap group Dead Prez. This is also reflected in the baiting of suspects into offenses in cases of entrapment. “Entrapment is not legal. Entrapment is getting someone to do something that they wouldn’t normally do,” says former FBI agent James Wedick. Perp walks that parade suspects in handcuffs for the world to see also undermine the principle of presumption of innocence, with people often assuming guilt when they see anyone handcuffed and escorted by officials. The media frenzy devouring some cases and not others also influences this perception. “I find the media to be full of s**t!I think it’s guilty until proven guilty in these cases. Our government is changing the laws,” says Alicia McWilliams, aunt of a Newburgh 4 case member. Sam Antar is a former white collar convict who knows the criminal justice
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Question will Persist until Casey Anthony’s Attorney explains sources of funding. Orlando Criminal Lawyer Richard Hornsby is asked by WESH reporter Bob Kealing about the secrecy surrounding Jose Baez’s funding of Casey Anthony’s legal team and the impact on a future appeal.

Work Prank Gone Wrong! Very Funny, Watch Until The END!!!

Me and my colleagues have been playing various pranks on a number of our staff, this however is by far the best! it will proberly never be topped… I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. thank you for watching, hopefully we can upload some more in the future :) PFS CREW
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Jack Russell barking or talking until you play with him or give him treats

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Lykke Li & Kleerup – Until we bleed

Lykke Li & Kleerup – Until we bleed

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