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“Vermin worship” Wanderingkat’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Wanderingkat titled “Vermin worship” Wanderingkat’s travel blog entry: “Saturday 27th August Mica left for Pushkar this morning and I came to spend a night in Bikaner before my next stint in Delhi. I came less for Bikaner itself than for Deshnok Village, 30km away, to which I’ve been looking forward ever since first reading about it. I checked into a hotel and went straight out to find a Deshnok-bound bus. It left Bikaner and headed into a vast expanse of flat nothingness – desert right up to the horizon in every direction, dotted liberally with what looked like a single species of tree and the odd grazing beast. The Rajasthani women wear a different style of sari from those I’m used to seeing; the fabric is extremely bright and highly decorated with sequins and metallic embroidery. Dressed so colourfully, they stand beautifully against their desert backdrop as they walk down the roads, large clay water-pots balanced on their heads, goats and children trailing in their wake. In Deshnok I headed straight for the much-anticipated Karni Mata Temple. The creature of worship is the humble rat: legend has it that, as a result of some tiff between two gods, all storytellers were reincarnated as rats, and the rats are now revered here. Being such a rat-lover (yeah – joke all you like – I know it’s figurative as well!), I found the place fantastic – rats everywhere, worshippers bringing them

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