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Best Cinnamon Challenge Prank (Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper w/ Epic Fails)

The Ultimate Cinnamon Challenge Prank (Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper). I pranked my friends in this video. Wait and see the Vinegar part! They had no idea that I put cayenne pepper and mexican chili powder in the cinnamon! To top it off, they wanted water but I gave them Vinegar instead! Watch their hilarious reactions!! There is only one winner in this video. Music by Christopher 5 Follow us @ Thanks to all those that helped!

Homemade bakingsoda and vinegar bombs

Homemade baking soda and vinegar bombs

Yucky Vinegar Mouth in Washington

Nikki gets pranked. Hanging out with CR and Reina and flying home.

me and my malt vinegar

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