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Make your own virus using notepad (Fake Virus)

Comment and Subscribe Code: @echo off title: Clear Computer Data : x cls echo echo Are you sure you want to delete all system information? (Y/N) set/p pass=Y/N if %pass%==y goto y if %pass%==n goto n goto x :y cls echo echo Confirmed, data being deleted….. cls color…
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HOW TO: Make a fake virus wich like Microsoft Word!

3 step tutorial how to make a fake virus word icon link:
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Tutorial Making Simple Binder Include Virus

Tutorial Making Simple Binder Include Virus

How to make a Fake VB Virus

How to make a fake virus quickly in VB

Creare un Virus Time Bomb Visual Basic

Tutorial su come realizzare un virus in staile Time Bomb con Visual Basic 6

How to Make False Virus x2 Watch in High Quality This Tutorial Shows u how to make a False Virus 2x Step 1:False Virus.Right Click-New-Text Document or Notepad then Type X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$ EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$ H+H* Ur AntiV program should detect a Virus from it.If it Didnt means the False Virus is 2 weak to get auto Detected so just Right Click and Click Scan with {ur AntiV software name} and it will show a Virus sign. Step2:Shutdown False Virus.Right Click-New-Shortcut-Type shutdown -s -t 60 -c “Your message here” remember to put the ” ” u see -t 60 its the Delay Time B4 SHUTDOWN just change it to any number u wan the Delay time to be B4 the shutdown… False Virus Officialy wont Harm ur Computer nor damage or Tweaked it.****SAFE**** Hope you Like it Please Subscribe Thanks JeroMSO

How to make a fake virus *Vista*

How to make a fake virus quick and easy. This will work for any computer but the viedo is on Vitsa.

Fake virus reaction

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[BEST METHOD] How to make a virus that crashes your computer !!!!!

This is the best method on how to make a virus that crashes but not harms your computer. Please comment, rate and subscribe for more cool videos. Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Create a fake virus on Mac OSX

Open script editor, control click, dialogs, 2 buttons.

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