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How to make a fake virus *Vista*

How to make a fake virus quick and easy. This will work for any computer but the viedo is on Vitsa.

How to make a shutdown shortcut/prank FOR VISTA

this is the thing you have to put into the bar or thing: shutdown -s -t 30 -c “HAHAHA PWNED XD” I hope you enjoy this video vista users.

Do Not Prank Call Tutor Vista!!

Just giving you a HEADS-UP! -_-

Windows Vista Upgrade Prank

Download Link: Prank your friends

How to funny prank virus win 7,win xp,win vista

Fake Virus Prank For Vista And Xp

Again, i just posted a new video! Haha! This time it’s going to be a computer prank! A Fake Virus, you just wait and watch to found out what the Fake Virus does and what it’s for. I hope you like it! Don’t forget to leave a rating and a comment. Thank you and Happy Holidays
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how to make a prank virus on vista.

hope you guys liked the tutorial did this to my mom she flipped out haha.
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Vista prank virus

A prank to turn off your computer
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How To Make A Fake Prank Virus On Vista

BEWARE, THIS WILL RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (just to make it more realistic) this does no harm.

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